Author: Katie

How is COVID-19 helping the earth?

Coronavirus has had a huge impact on our daily lives. With everyone having to do social distance many people are not going out and just staying in there house. I have thought about how many places are closing and many food places that were very popular have shut down now. I know Starbucks and many other places have closed due to the Coronavirus. This led me to think how there is not as much garbage and not as much plastic use. 

In the article BBC news they said in New York pollution has gone down 50 percent because no one is going out. Many countries have put a travel ban on to try and prevent the spread of COVID-19. According to New York Times “coronavirus outbreak could have a benefit of a reduced carbon footprint” They also said flying less has had a huge impact on the planet. New York Times said “Avoiding air travel can have a large effect as well: one round-trip flight from New York to London, she said, produces as much greenhouse gas emissions as the preventive climate impact of nearly eight years of recycling.”

Another way Coronavirus has helped the planet is from food waste. New York Times said We waste about 25 percent of the food that we buy,” People are now making more meals at home and so there is not as much food waste or plastic use. From researching about the Coronavirus and if it has or hasn’t helped the planet I definitely have. It will not always be like this though one this is all over people will start driving, flying, and eating out again but maybe something we can get out of this virus is to realize how much it has helped our planet and to keep trying but down how much we travel and eat out.