I’m sure you all know of everything that is happening in the world. I’m sure a lot of people are talking about it but at the same time it’s a good thing to be talking about so that you are aware of what’s happening and how you can fix this issue going around our country. It is so hard for kids that are in the k-8 grade to focus more than the rest of us. For highschool students it is hard but at the same time we all know that we have to do our classes to pass. Especially our seniors who are getting ready to graduate High school, College or even kids that are about to Graduate from 8th grade. 

We need to take into consideration that everyone is here to move on, although we have a Pandemic going around will not stop us people from dreaming and moving on with our own lives. A good thing to see is that the Governor of Idaho was cracking jokes about this whole pandemic which is good to see that some people are making good out of this. Not everyone is making this a bad topic.  It is a bad topic to think about but if you put this into the light and think about it in a positive way and do what you are told I think that you will be just as fine as you maybe thought you would be.

It is so very difficult for families to all be home at the same exact time. This is hard on all of the families that have multiple kids in multiple different grade levels and ages. It is hard enough to try and get kids to focus at home and not really have any issues but trying to teach little ones with this would be the most difficult part of it all. Many people would think well if they behave well in the house they should be good doing their homework in the household. I talked with a family that I know and they are struggling right now to try and figure out how they can manage everything at once. They are a family of six so they are moving a whole lot but still, they can manage to move on. 



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