Author: Yanna

Why do people stay up so late?

Many people stay up late, but they may not really “like” it, but because they cannot control it. Some people’s procrastination behavior is manifested as staying up late, and the efficiency during the day is not high. When the outside interference is ruled out, when the night is quiet, the thinking is active and the inspiration bursts into the peak of their creation.

According to John Hong, “I like staying up late because I can only do what I like at night because it ’s too busy during the day.” And more people are staying up late for revenge. Work and life are issues that everyone faces. Back home at night, I feel exhausted. Perhaps it is only late into the night that they can truly be themselves. At this time, they will make up for the lost day by staying up late. When we feel frustrated, we will unconsciously use other methods to make up for our shortcomings and ease our anxiety and anxiety. This is a form of compensation. Staying up late is a dissatisfaction with the status quo and an escape from working life.

Data show that 25.1% of people “often don’t want to end this day.” We do not want to end today and have no courage to face tomorrow, so we have to steal some time to be ourselves in the gap between today and tomorrow. Staying up late is a silent struggle for adults facing life, and a false sense of control in a runaway life. In the lonely night, this world is its own, or playing games, or chasing dramas. My world is my own master. This feeling is super cool. What everyone likes is just a sense of control over their lives. However, the next day, the reality was brought back to its original shape. The sleepless night owls struggled to get up to work, relying on coffee and green tea to “renew their lives” in order to cope with the work day. Staying up late is a vicious cycle. Staying up late for a long time will hurt your body and life. Want to work and live more efficiently, or for the reasons for staying up late, find ways to make some changes. “Only if you get enough sleep can you have a healthy body.” So you should try to get rid of the problem of staying up late.