In the article, “Which is a better alternative: Online School vs. Traditional School?” I learned about the pros and cons that come with online school and which alternative can be better for certain students. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic schools and other major facilities have been forced to close down and people are encouraged to be sheltered in place. With this, students and teachers have switched over to home-based learning. Although home-based learning may be a better alternative for some students, not everyone is able to learn from home without guidance and help from teachers. Some students find it more difficult because they don’t have easy access to tutoring or physical representations of how to do their assignments.

I believe that home based learning is not for everyone. As of March 17th my school has also switched over to home based learning and this makes it difficult for me to not only learn but also get my work done. I enjoyed going to school because I saw it as a way to take my mind off of things and learn. I was also able to ask questions and ask for help, although home based learning is not a terrible idea, and good for those who can’t attend school. Being a procrastinator, I also have a hard time managing my time and actually getting my assignments done and turned in. I also think that it’s overwhelming for students to receive a significant amount of work all at once.

Which do you like best, home based learning or traditional school?

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  1. Mashin 3 months ago

    Hi April, during this pandemic, so many things have changed. And school has been one of the biggest changes that have occurred. School is completely different and many people agree that it is harder than actual school. Everyone was confused at first and no one knew what to do including the teachers. Home- based school settings are not for everyone like you said. It is something hard to get used to when you have gone to real school for the past 12-13 years of your life.

  2. Joshua 3 months ago

    Hey April,
    I totally agree, school has been pretty hard this quarter. I can barely get myself to do work and I’m glad that I’m not the only one who feels this way. School is a lot better when you have all the fun social stuff that comes with it too instead of just learning. I kind of lost all my motivation, so yes. Online school is the solution for now but sometime we’ll have to resume back to normal.

  3. Paula 4 months ago

    Hey April,
    I really understand your feeling quite well, since I am strugglig the same way. I did a post on if online schooling is good or bad and I pretty much had the same stance you have right now. One of the articles I used was ( I think it might interest you since it does speak about certain facts that I at least didn’t think about all that much.
    Sincerely, Paula

  4. Kutay 4 months ago


    I agree with your ideas and also think that they both have some advantages and disadvantages.Nevertheless,personally I prefer going to school and being more social. On the other hand, I think online education is the best choice to do in these cases where we are not able to go to school.

    You can also look at this website(

  5. Maggie 4 months ago

    Hi April!
    I loved hearing your take on the current issues and how COVID-19 is affecting education! Here is an article you might find interesting!
    Stay Safe!

  6. Eggert 4 months ago

    I gotta say I prefer real school, it gives me something to do, all my friends are there and I find it easier to focus

  7. Eric 4 months ago

    Hi, I agree with you.
    Online schooling might get teachers in confusion at the very beginning. It make us to learn at home during pandemic become possible. But it also has it’s short coming. The student at home need to have a very high self-motivation. But most people don’t have it. So online schooling still can’t replace the tradition one.
    Here is a link that might help you:

  8. Emily 4 months ago

    Hi, I completely agree with your argument. I believe that it is hard to manage your time at home when you are not used to it and on top of that have much more assignments to complete. I also feel as though staying at home being isolated makes it hard to learn, because you do not have your classmates and teachers to help. That being said there is also very little social interactions, which is hard to live without frequently talking to people face to face. I found an article that talks about how kids gain social skills while doing online school.

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