Birth control has always been a huge debate on if we should even use it or not. The new debate about birth control is if it should be available over the counter or not. There are two sides to this, both with good defending arguments against their side. The side that believes that it should not be over the counter has many cons to it. Some of these cons show that if birth control became an over the counter drug then it would become a lot more expensive and the lack of knowledge that teenagers have for birth control pills. One of their main arguments is that “teenage girls could think that they are taking the pills correctly, but they are taking it at different times of the day which does not work.” They also argue that the amount of teens having sex will increase because birth control is at easy access for them which puts them at a bigger risk of getting pregnant. 

The other side argues that birth control should be available over the counter. They have many pros to this. The major pro is that this can “lower teen pregnancies.” This means that teens could be having sex and know that it is safe to do so. They will have sex anyways, so having easy access to birth control can really help them feel safe. “This can also bring the abortion rates down because not as many people will be getting pregnant if they do not want to.” There are many great pros to this idea. 

I believe that birth control should be available over the counter. I think that it will really help people, especially teens have safe sex if they choose to have sex. I believe that it should be easy access for anyone to buy birth control. This can help prevent unwanted pregnancies. Some people use the pill for other things such as period cramps or heavy periods. The pill can help those not having sex as well as help those who are. 

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  1. Sophia 4 months ago

    I think you make great points! I completely agree with you opinion because teens can be too scared to approach their parents about birth control, but need it. If it becomes over the counter teens can take control of their body in the way they want no matter what their parents believe.

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