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How Music Impacts My Life

Music impacts my life in a positive way.

 A quote from the research that says why music is calming.

“The type of music you play generally affects your mood. People have individual tastes for different situations — from the gym, where people who are exercising tend to listen to more upbeat music, to someone who’s working on a project that requires concentration.”

   Music can have very different impacts on people.For the most part music can have a Positive impact. Music can make you a better person and here’s how.According to research It works like emotions so if you are in a good mood you will give.When you are in a bad mood you won’t give and you will be upset.

   Music can make you a better person.Music can make you a better person because it can change your thought and emotion positively.Some Evidence that can show that it can change you for the better is in In the article written by Kyle Scnitzer it talks about how music can help with a positive attitude. The article says He added, “This could indicate that while people with negative affect and thought prefer sad music, they might do better with more positive music like heroic music.”This is the evidence that explains that music can change the way we think not only positive but also negative.Research says “ Music changes perception, research shows. Summary: Music is not only able to affect your mood — listening to particularly happy or sad music can even change the way we perceive the world, according to new research. … However, such mood changes not only affect  how you feel, they also change your perception”

   This paragraph will be about how music can change you healthier.Music can make you healthier in many different ways such as mood,Working out,And motivation.We already talked about how music can change the way you are Physically and mentally.In the article written by Jill Suttie it talks about how getting up and dancing to a song or going to the gym listening to music will motivate you to work out and can help your body.Some evidence in article By Jill Suttie has this quote, “Researchers in the United Kingdom recruited thirty participants to listen to motivational synchronized music, non-motivational synchronized music, or no music while they walked on a treadmill until they reached exhaustion levels. Measurements showed that both music conditions increased the length of time participants worked out”.

  Also,This paragraph will add on to the first paragraph and how music gives you positive thoughts and helps boost your mentality and your the first article goes more into detail.For example some evidence for how music can change you positively. “We’ve all felt strong emotions listening to music. Sad songs may bring us to tears, while joyful music can make us feel euphoric. While melancholy music can move us in fascinating ways, there is power in that second category, too. Indeed, one way music may make us better people is by making us happier and therefore more likely to give of ourselves.” 

This piece of evidence from the article explains that music has feelings for each type of music. One important part of this is how music can change you negatively.In the Article written by Jill Sutti talks about how music changes us in a negative way by explaining how mood can mainly focused on by music. In the article written by Summer allen it talks about how Sad music can be bad for your mood because it changes.

   Finally,This last paragraph will be about my opinions on music and a small playlist i made with some music that can start your day.My opinion on music is it’s the greatest thing of all time I can listen to music for ever.Music helps me throughout the day and helps me focus and get through school.Personally I like artist like Juice WRLD,Travis Scott etc.The playlist made for this paper is classics and happy music that can help you start your day.

   My Spotify Playlist For This Paper:

   My Spotify Account With all My Playlists:

Here are 5 songs on the playlist,Why I chose them.

1.Dancing Queen. I Chose this song because it is just a classic and it’s a very positive filled song and can get you moving.

2.Sugar,Sugar This song is very classic and it’s something that you put on and instantly start grooving to it

3.Walking On Sunshine is another song on this list because it is filled with happiness especially in the title!!

4.I Wanna Dance With Somebody Is another song i chose because It’s one that you can listen to and Instantly want to dance.

5.I Don’t Love You Anymore Was my last one because it’s one of my only Lo-Fi Songs On the playlists that can get you into your feelings.

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