In the article “Narcan may be doing more harm than good” Bob Bodnar expresses his concerns over the usage of Narcan to prevent opioid overdoses. In the article Bodnar explains how people who are resuscitated using Narcan are upset that their high was interrupted and even right after having a close call, their only concern is to find their next dose. He also criticizes how a dangerous and illegal drug can be used safely and believes there should be some sort of penalty when a person who overdoses uses Narcan.

Bodnar has very valid concerns, however, it seems that his concerns are spoken with a stigma against addicts. Contrary to Bodnar’s belief, addiction is not a choice, it is a disease. It is no different from any other mental illness. Addicts suffer from psychological and physical symptoms that make their bodies crave drugs. Instead of helping the opioid epidemic get better, this stigma has put a stop to any progress.These people are constantly being shamed for their disease. How can we expect to save lives when people are afraid to ask for help? 

Bodnar does however make a very good point when he says, “Better education about the evils of substance abuse may be more effective to halt these behaviors…To truly save the life, we must cure the addiction”. The only way that the opioid epidemic will come to an end is with action. People need to change their perspective on addiction. Cities must have accessible ways for people to get treatment, and states need to allocate better funding for the opioid epidemic.


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