I have always focused on the problem with zoos. My articles have always been more one sided. It is hard to reason and look at another point of view someone else is feeling when you disagree with it so much. No one likes the idea of animals being abused or hurt.


In this article it talks about the Hogle Zoo in Utah. Zoos get a lot of backlash on how they are not taking proper care of their animals and how they are not being kind to them. While this is the case sometimes, There are zoos that do their best with the resources they have at their disposal. Animal behavior is hard to see. When an animal is injured it will hide any signs and symptoms it might has. This is so they look strong and healthy so predators will be hesitant to attack them. If they showed their weakness or injury, they know that a predator will surely pick them to attack.

It was too late for a pregnant giraffe who most likely hid her symptoms. The zoo tried to save both the mother and the baby but the baby was to small to save. In these instances they are taken to a medical examiner to see what happened to them. While zoos seem like a terrible place for animals, which I do not disagree about, I do think that some zoos do try and care for their animals.


  1. James 7 months ago

    Hi Jonathan, I also agree with your argument. This topic does not get as much publicity as it should. But the lack of regulations and ability to take care of the animals is really depressing and sad. But thank you for bring it closer to the light. I found more info that you might find interesting here: https://www.peta.org/issues/animals-in-entertainment/animals-used-entertainment-factsheets/zoos-pitiful-prisons/

  2. Riley 7 months ago

    Johnny, Good work with this article I agree with you that Zoo’s are having issues. Here is an article that maybe could help you out with your issues with the zoos.

  3. Gedeon 7 months ago

    Great post Jonathan!
    I like your approach to the issue and the way you pointed out the specific problems. It is shocking to discover how animals are treated at what is suppose to be their home. I think the link attached below will provide you with additional facts and give you a broader perspective into this issue.


  4. Tiffany 7 months ago

    You did a good job on your post and explaining the side you disagree with. I think zoos aren’t the best of places, but in some cases, the animals living in zoos have a higher quality of life than living in the wild. Many of the wild risks are taken away, making the animals happier.
    This article goes more in depth about this: https://www.theguardian.com/science/lost-worlds/2014/aug/19/why-zoos-are-good

  5. Eric 7 months ago

    Hi jonathan, your post is good.
    I like your idea about the problem of zoos. The zoo lack lots of regulation, they are to hurry to put it in run to make money. This is hurt for animals. Also the limited places will hurt animals’ behave too. Here’s some sources that might help you:

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