It is clear that climate change is an impending issue with which people are faced in a number of ways, both directly and indirectly. Through research I have observed that there is a movement that gained and has continued to gain momentum especially in the United States with upcoming presidential elections. The Climate Change movement has been growing exponentially and is extremely popular among youth around the globe. This is because it is scientifically supported and observable that out greenhouse gas emissions are negatively impacting various aspects of the world’s equilibrium, including global temperature and wildlife systems.

However, there are divided points of view when it comes to determining whether or not the youth-led protests are effective and well thought-out. one would believe that among the youth the opinions would be unanimous, but they are most definitely not. Through a recent survey I observed that while the overwhelming majority of students at my high school were aware of the climate change issue and of major leaders within the movement, many did not see protests as efficient or even a good way to demand change. While some people were extremely supportive of the movement and its leaders, others were just as critical of it. Some of these responses suggested that while climate change is a big deal, protesting won’t help as adults tend to not take children seriously and the proposals for solutions are close to none or extremely unattainable.


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  1. Ronata 7 months ago

    Hey Kathryn, I really enjoyed reading your post. I remember taking your survey and seeing the specificity of some of the questions you asked. I am for the side that does believe that protests matter, it gains a lot of attention on media especially since our age group takes up a large majority of it. But although I support protests I don’t think they are racking enough attention for corporations to want to contribute to the change needed to slow down global warming. I’m glad you are taking on a topic that is so prevalent, I look forward to reading more from you.

    Here’s an article about a youth activist (Greta Thunberg) that I think you’d enjoy

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