For my topic, I have mainly focused on why climate change needs to be taught in schools and given many reasons of why it should. I found a source though that shows both sides. It tells why and why not teachers teach their students about this controversial topic.

When annotating the article “Most Teachers Don’t Teach Climate Change; 4 in 5 Parents Wish They Did,” I saw that it gave both sides to the argument. It started off by saying how most parents want their schools to teach their kids about this significantly important issue. It also talks about how most teachers also want to teach their students about this topic. Climate change is a topic that is all up in the air because there is not enough conversation between parents and child or the older generation and new one. We aren’t having these discussions that need to be had, and talking about it in schools is a safe place to have this happen. It is a safe environment to educate and open conversations about climate change with the next generation.

However, more than half of a group of 500 teachers who were polled didn’t teach climate change to their students. They had reasoning though. Lots of them don’t want to deal with upset parents when teaching this topic. Some parents do not believe this is a real issue, and teachers don’t want to deal with the backlash of teaching it to their children. They don’t want to deal with getting parents permission to teach, or if they don’t get permission, they don’t want to deal with the angry parents.

Another reason is lots of teachers, especially AP and Honors, follow a strict curriculum of what they need to teach their students. They have so much information to teach that the concern about climate change follows to the bottom of the priority list. They have to teach the things they are required to teach more than climate change. Some say that if there were laws in place to make it required it the curriculum, then they would teach it.

Lastly, some teachers say that they just simply don’t have the materials, don’t know enough about the topic to teach it, or there schools don’t allow it to be taught. We are restricting our teachers from teaching something essential to a child’s education. We must help and fix this problem.



  1. Eric 8 months ago

    Hi Ella, I like your idea about the climate change.
    As the growth of the industrail, the climate is becoming worse. With the wildfire of Australia recently and the fire of Amazon forest. It’s even worse. 2020 is a year with horrible beginning, we have to stop the heavy pollution right now.
    Here is some thoughts might help you:

  2. Amani 8 months ago

    I really enjoyed how you had both sides of why and why not, that gave a good perspective on you topic about climate change. I loved the way you presented both sides, I do lean towards one side more. I personally think we should teach kids about climate change. But, your research shows a lot of good and reasonable reasons on why we shouldn’t teach it.

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