Dear People Who Think Doing Drugs and Gun Violence Are Okay,

To kids, adults, parents, students, moms, dads, and etc. Do you realize the effects that this has on your family or even your kid? When it comes to your kids you let the drugs have more meaning to you, the one that grew inside your tummy, the precious one. How can you choose something worth so less over someone who means the world? My purpose in writing this is for these people to understand the lives they are ruining and people they are letting down. Imagine losing your little baby over someone who picked up a gun inattentively. Or being the one taking a poor innocent kids life over your madness. 

This is a serious cause, something that should be screamed in all the microphones in the world. Something needs to be done kids are being taken from their homes, people overdosing, innocent people being killed over nothing, and lastly parents wondering where they went wrong in life because their own kid chooses drugs over them. We need to come together and do something, change the world for the better.

I am going to get further into this and give examples and points. Point number one is drug abuse. Drug abuse is when you are addicted to drugs or take it illegally. For example, people do it thinking they can stop as soon as they snap their fingers. The answer is no, they can not stop. They will let the drugs take over their lives and even their families. Drugs can harm someone in many ways but mainly it has an effect on the brain. 

The second point is gun violence. Gun violence is violence taking place with a gun involved. Many kids die from gun homicide every year. It happens mainly in homes that are connected to family violence or domestic. Surprising fact, this is the second leading death for teens and children in America. This also takes innocent kids lives and leaves families broken. The last point is drug overdose. Drug overdose is when somebody’s body has a way to many drugs and their body reacts to it maybe by not being able to not allow any oxygen in. For example, drug overdose is the main death in the U.S for people under 50. 

Overall these are things that need to be taken seriously and dealt with. Enough work is not being done to help make a change. I hope this letter gets people to connect and build an organization or do community work to help solve these problems, not just that but anything else. I also hope my open letter gets people to relate to how I feel about these problems in the world, not just these but many more and get touched. 


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  1. Jonathan 4 days ago

    Hey Kheriya,

    I relayed liked what you had to say. Drug addiction and gun violence is very prevalent in our society and people need to become aware of how much it has affected the community around us. I think you should add quotes from articles to help support your evidence saying in this article here are the facts that other people have found. Adding number and statistics help. Saying x amount of kids die from gun violence a year might help to really show the audience that it is crazy how many people die. This article might help with the shocking statistics.

  2. Kathryn 4 days ago

    I really liked your post as the issues you addressed are sadly very prominent in our world today and specifically in the U.S. I like the persuasion your post has, the passion behind your words is very clear. You appeal to a variety of groups, including teenagers, teachers, parents, and handful of other societal groupings. This not only makes your argument stronger, but also adds to its relevancy, showing that these issues can come to affect many people whether it be directly or indirectly. One thing i would like to see in future posts regarding these issues is a clear connection to outside sources. There is extensive research done on these topics, and presenting both sides will add to your own argument. Using ideas from an opposing viewpoint and refuting them will add so much to your already strong argument. Here is a source about drug abuse in the United states:

  3. Ellie 4 days ago


    Your post was really interesting as drug use is an issue prevalent in our society and especially the youth community. I agree with your viewpoint that drug use is a serious problem in our society that should be taken into more serious consideration during the legislation process. I especially like the part where you say: “nough work is not being done to help make a change. I hope this letter gets people to connect and build an organization or do community work to help solve these problems, not just that but anything else. ” Here is an article that you might enjoy: I hope to read more from you soon.

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