When it comes to the meaning of America, people have different views of America, people see America in different positions.  According to The Newsroom written by Aaron Sorkin, “America ” is not The greatest country in the world. The first scene starts off where these professors are answering questions discussing a problem. The question came up “Why is America the greatest country in the world?”  One of the professors in the Newsroom answered the question “America is great because we are free”. The actor Jeff Daniels answers the question with facts about how America is not the best anymore “ We ‘re seventh in literacy we lead the world in the number of incarcerated citizens per capita”. In my opinion this source portrays America as a country with lots of problems. “We reached for the stars , and we acted like men ”. This source definitely portrays what America is and where it came from. Source number five defines America as a country of opportunity. Jose Antonio struggled adjusting to life in America, but he made his way through school, surrounded himself around people that cared for him. He built himself a life a career which his parents back home wanted for him. “I had eight years to succeed professionally, and to hope that some sort of immigration reform would pass in the meantime and allow me to say”. This quote from my Life As Undocumented Immigrant shows that the life of a immigrant in the  U.S is really hard, especially if they have a Job that requires a birth certificate or driver’s license. Vargas thinks of himself as a American, but his country doesn’t think of him as one of its own. He wrote this to let people know what immigrants go through. Vargas believes if anyone works hard enough they should be awarded with citizenship. In my opinion America means home to me, a divided country, a country with lots of hate and disgusting history that’s nothing to brag about. I feel fortunate and lucky to live in this country. My experience as Mexican American boy with not a lot of money growing helps me see “America ” as the dream life, not exactly the dream life I would want for my kids or myself in the future but definitely the dream life for my dad, a better life for his siblings his parents and his kids in the US. American literature to me is all the books I’ve read so far in my life,it’s also American history to me. I’ve always struggled with reading and writing but when I liked a book I really liked it. For example in middle school I read The Afterlife by Gary Soto and I really liked it. I like this book because it had the perspective of a high school boy who turned into a ghost  after he got murder at a high school dance. American literature to me are great books that people can relate to and interesting stories with different perspectives of the story.


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