Author: Joshua

How to start your own workout plan

Our ancestors were killers, hunters, and especially runners. It’s in our DNA to be physically active. Everyone can be and there are so many amazing reasons why you should try to physically and work out. Even though I myself would love to be a couch potato and watch Netflix all day, it’s important to be physically active for at least an hour every day. Here’s why:

Even though exercise makes us tired it actually increases our energy. You become stronger, more focused, you’ll have a more healthy weight, you’ll age slower, you’re brain will think stronger, you’ll sleep better and so much more! But how do you start? The simplest way to start is through HIIT workouts (High-Intensity Interval Training). As the name says these are short high-intensity workouts. They don’t take much time but they have a big impact. Go on and start your own workout, it’s free and it’ll help you make a plan. The next thing you need to do is workout frequently and routinely, about every day. After that keep on going and don’t stop. You will become more relaxed, healthier, more energetic, have a better immune system and so on. There are countless reasons why you should start working out. And now go do it!