The following sources are about sex education programs around the United States and include information about how we can view sex education more holistically. Although none of these sources pertain to Utah sex education programs specifically, they provide relevant information about successful programs in the United States and abroad as well as strategies for implementing them.

Formby, Eleanor, et al. “‘Selling It as a Holistic Health Provision and Not Just about Condoms …’ Sexual Health Services in School Settings: Current Models and Their Relationship with Sex and Relationships Education Policy and Provision.” Sex Education, vol. 10, no. 4, Nov. 2010, pp. 423–435. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1080/14681811.2010.515099.

The first source is about sexual health services in schools in the United Kingdom. Some schools in the UK have gone beyond basic sex education programs by establishing sexual health clinics/services in public schools. Ideally, these clinics are run by professionals, not school teachers, and such professions give evidence-based information about sexual health to those who seek it. Though many of these clinics are struggling with the logistics and many parental concerns, they seem to be having a positive impact on students. The biggest issue discussed was that of confidentiality. As teachers sometimes help with the clinics, some feel obligated to disclose information shared by students, however, professionals argue that sharing such information is impermissible. Similar clinics along with comprehensive sex education programs in Utah could be a possible solution to the current issues with sex education in Utah. Here is the link to my annotations

“Women’s Health Care Physicians.” ACOG,

The second source defines and discusses the effectiveness of comprehensive sex education programs. Comprehensive sex education programs are the alternative to abstinence-based sex education programs. CSE programs focus on providing factual, evidence-based information to students in regard to sexual activity and maturation. They still promote abstinence as a contraception method, however, they teach students about other contraceptives available like birth control, condoms, Plan B, etc. These programs are also more likely to include information about sexual identity, consent, and gender roles. Again, none of the information in this source specifically pertains to Utah, but I plan on proposing the implementation of CSE programs as part of my solution. Here is the link to my annotations.

“California Mandates Comprehensive Sex Education in All Schools.” Curriculum Review, vol. 55, no. 3, Nov. 2015, p. 9. EBSCOhost,

My last source discusses California mandating comprehensive sex education programs in all schools. I thought that this source was important because it provides evidence that states are moving away from abstinence-based programs to comprehensive ones. California also serves as a successful example of the implementation of comprehensive sex education programs. I plan on referring to California’s decision and success in my solution proposal. I will use the statistics provided in this source about state laws in regard to sex education policies. Here is the link to my annotations.



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  1. Natalie 8 months ago

    I liked reading about all the different places and how they approach sex education. “They still promote abstinence as a contraception method, however, they teach students about other contraceptives available like birth control, condoms, Plan B, etc.” is something that I have been exposed to at school and I think it’s better than straight abstinence. I really like this topic and am excited to see more.

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