A problem in my community is the lack of education on nutrition and what really matters when it comes to being healthy. Lots of people see how important the lack of education on nutrition is but they do not know how to implement it. There are multiple solutions presented, but in one way or another, they all face some sort of obstacle or challenge which prevents people from actually implementing the solutions. For example, research suggests that the most effective types of nutrition education are the most costly and challenging to execute. There are limited resources available. Nevertheless, Team Nutrition was created. Team Nutrition is a group that is focused mainly on changing the eating behaviors of young students through interactive classroom lessons. A main concern, however, about Team Nutrition is that it claims to follow “recent nutrition campaigns” (Levine, 2002). This is a concern because recent nutrition campaigns could be affected by diet culture in some way, even if it isn’t on purpose.

Despite challenges, it is evident that many people find this problem very important. Poor eating habits as well as lack of physical activity are increasing which impacts the future of a society. Trends of healthy eating and wellness are attracting more people’s attention today. There are resources that exist today that will benefit the future by positively changing eating patterns. With this in mind, The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 was enacted for local wellness policies. It includes goals for nutrition education, physical activity, and more. However, even with this Act and even though the resources and information are available, it requires a lot of schools to make changes. If a nutrition education class were to be added to the school curriculum, it may take the place of other classes, which could potentially upset a lot of people. 

There is a lot of discussion on the problem and what needs to happen in order to make a positive change for the future, but there is not a lot discussed about how certain things will happen. For example, it is discussed that teachers need to teach future students how to implement a healthy lifestyle and that they need to understand that teaching good nutrition and healthy eating can improve the classrooms. However, it is not further talked about how teachers will be able to do this.

This is a problem, and there are several solutions that have been executed and talked about, but there is still not a lot happening or changing, so the question is, will there ever be a change?


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