When it comes to the topic america some people think of freedom. According to the speaker will McAvoy, “American” means a failing nation because it is not doing good compared to many other nations. The video titled Why America is NOT the greatest country in the world, anymore. Examines the reasons for why America isn’t the greatest  Will states that the only thing America is number 1 in is people in prison and defence spending. In other words Will believes that America is not the greatest. The speaker uses facts about America’s position in the world  to describe america. In my opinion, this source portrays America as worse than other nations, which I find to be true in some areas.

In contrast the newsroom defines America as worse, while Tegan Griffith argues that America is good as it is. The ideas found in Marine life in the midwest emphasize the value of the military. Her deployment was a key detail that illustrates her point of view. Basically Tegan is saying that the military is needed so we can have a democracy. I think source 2 is mistaken because she overlooks the fact that many nations have freedom without as much military spending.

In my opinion, America means a place full of innovations. My experience as someone living in the bay area helps me see “America” as a place for new technology and affects my experience in America because I am very close to many businesses. I find the arguments outlined above to be informative as different viewpoints. American Literature can be defined as literature that is written by Americans. For example, the text There There, by Tommy orange highlights the american indians in the bay area.


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