When it comes to the topic of “America” most people think of money , success , and power.

According to Jamila wood ” American” means pain, racism , and discrimination because of what has happened to people of color Over time they struggle within america. the history tells that if you wasn’t white you had no power

Jamila Woods states” they make her hate her own skin”. In other words Jamila Believes that white people put so much on color people like killing and discrimination that it brings fear into color people.

Jamila uses song lyrics to explain how color women now and then struggle and what has happened to them

In my opinion, this source portrays America as something not spoken as much in everyday, which I find to be something not to be surprised because that’s what people do, they don’t talk about real problems and solutions about it.

In contrast to Jamila Woods that defined America as a bad place for people who aren’t white because they are discriminated, while Tejan Griffin argues that its a place where you can live your dreams. According to both Jamila Woods and Tejan Griffin

“Make her hate her skin” is such a key point that explains a big part of how color community sees americans

Basically, Jamila Woods is saying is how one part of america isn’t spoken about through white americans and is big problem in color community

In my opinion American means that one has a ability to live up to their dreams and struggle with many issues as others, depending from where you are from, depending from where one and what race is people will have different experiences.

My experience as latino helps me see america as a place where one has greater success and more safe than other countries

American literature is written for people who need to understand more over people’s experiences and what people have done in writing


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