A study conducted by EJ Lea and D Crawford looks at the likelihood of the average person to make the transition to a plant based diet to ultimately offer a solution to human health problems and with climate change. There are many perceived benefits of this diet including weight control, being healthy, improved quality of life and disease prevention which they elaborate on in their study. The overall conclusion of the study though is that the majority of people are not ready to commit to such a change. This will only get better over time through further education and understanding. New York City has already taken action on this issue and have implemented a city wide meatless mondays in schools allowing for 1.1 million students to have access to vegan or vegetarian meals. This is extremely important knowing that the production of animal products takes up 83% of all farmland globally, and is responsible for 58% of the agricultural industry’s greenhouse gas emissions. Author Anne Hus discusses the amount of benefits this implementation will have and states that through this the city will reduce its carbon footprint by 375,000 pounds a year. Another problem that arises with factory farming that many do not consider are the detrimental effects the animals waste has on public health and on the environment. Agricultural and food industry by-products, if not valorized, are disposed of in landfills and buried in arid terrains or in open water courses, thus contaminating the environment. The article, New Regulations and Sustainable Solutions Removal of By-Products of Slaughtered Livestock, they discuss possible solutions to this problem by manufacturing feed from sanitary safe raw materials, they are multiply valorized, with assurance of the rational development of cattle growing and protection of the environment. 




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  1. Bella 2 months ago

    Hi Sam,

    I agree that having a plant based diet has environmental benefits. Factory farming can emit more greenhouse gases which accelerates the process of climate change. I do believe that converting everyone to completely cutting meat out of their diets is quite a difficult task. However, as you said, small steps can be made such as the “meatless Mondays” in New York City schools. It may be difficult, but this change in our diets will help the environment as a whole and mitigate the increase in climate change.

    Looking forward to what you write next,

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