A present problem right now is rapid climate change. This means that the world’s climate and natural world are morphing beyond the natural rate, most likely due to man-made causes. The further issue is many people’s antipathy to this problem, and an often targeted group for this are those of a religious background. In the article, this problem is addressed. Religious groups are beginning to fight climate change.

A solution to this problem is getting other religious and climate-change deniers outside to protest to bring focus on this so it can be remedied before it eventually leaves a permanent mark on the world.

Activism isn’t the only solution, though. Little things done at home can be done to fix this. Colder showers, using environment friendly vehicles, public transport, and cutting back on usage of electricity can all lead to a lowered carbon footprint and a collective reduction of climate change.

This solution is very feasible for all of us. We can all cut back on something that hurts the environment, and most of us can find the time in our week to get outside to clean up or advocate for change. We all have this option, regardless of religious or ethnic affiliation. Read further about religion and the environment here:




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