From a study by James Ivory he has found no link between video games and violence. He went on to say “While 165 million Americans play video games, billions play them worldwide. Yet other countries do not connect these games with violent acts” the U.S has been the only country to claim that violent video games are correlated with crime. This became big when Trump made this claim while giving a public address to the mass shootings. The quick correlation is a front for the real contributors to crime, being the upbringing, environment, abuse or mental illness. All a lot harder to deal with and much harder than putting the blame on video games.

I understand people thinking and feeling that violent video games can leave impressions on children, but that is a job for the parents to control and set their boundaries based on their own beliefs. I think that you can’t blame a company or genre for your children wanting or playing these games, but a lot of game creators see the heat from parents blaming them for their child’s up obsession with these games. Which leads people to place blame quickly on violent games when a youth commits a violent crime or action. Media is a big component of this as well often after a tragedy happens like a school shooting video games are bound to be mention as one of the contributing factors. From another article, they speak of the correlation between video games in other countries and in the U.S after many studies came out saying they were causing violence, “The main reason to be skeptical of a causal link is that video games have spread widely around the world without driving other countries to the levels of violence in this country.” This pattern of someone committing violent crimes and playing violent games has only been found in the U.S and not in any other country.

Often people don’t want to address the harsh reality of the situation that it is most likely linked to their upbringing and mental health, which is a very tricky subject and one that we don’t have much information on and is always different from person to person. looking at the family and whether there is abuse in the family or while at school that might push one to drastic measures that they feel is necessary. I don’t think that media will stop placing at least some of the blame on video games, its an understandable quick reasoning that doesn’t have to deal with a larger and more complicated topic.

  1. Dominic 2 months ago

    Hi Asher, I agree with you that violent video games are just an easy excuse that people use to avoid talking about the more abundant causes for violence in today’s youth. An idea you had that I thought would help solve this conundrum was that parents should put more effort into controlling what video games and media their children are exposed to. I think this would work because it would remove the scapegoat of video games and let people talk about what other causes there are for people committing crimes.

  2. Junior 2 months ago

    Dear Asher

    I am Excited about your post, “No links between violent video games and shootings” because… I personally love to play video games. I would like to see what your opinion is on violent video games.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “violent video games are correlated with crime.” I think this is appropriate because…Video games have a rating to where only certain age groups can play certain games.For example Call of duty and GTA have a Mature rating

    Another sentence that I agreed with was: “I understand people thinking and feeling that violent video games can leave impressions on children, but that is a job for the parents to control and set their boundaries based on their own beliefs.” This stood out for me because…The games that children own are by the acceptance of their parents.

    Have you seen this article? I thought you might be interested in this because it talks about the ratings on video games and how you can explain it before adults buy a video game for their child

    Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because… I feel like it can be about something else i like.I also think it will go into great detail

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