Schools all across the nation speak about how uniforms are a positive to the school environment and increases student safety. While there is a plethora of pros on to why uniforms are helping the school community and keeping a level playing field for the students, lots of issues come with uniforms. The argument that states uniforms are put in place to prevent bullying is very invalid because schools with uniforms still experience with bullying.

School systems are very hypocritical in by saying that uniforms are created to make a level playing field in the school environment, and prevent students from being distracted. Yet they ask us to branch off into our own appearance and portray ourselves, but with a uniform we can’t have any social expression. Schools promote individuality but yet put us in a jail type of environment, wearing the same clothing, training us to listen to the bell to dismiss us, and any type of rebellion to the uniform results in consequences. Uniforms do not improve attendance or deter crime, in all reality , uniforms are not resolution to any of the issues so what we really are school systems solving with a uniform?

JK Uniform by on 2016-08-28 05:44:42

  1. Lizette Martinez 2 months ago

    Dear Deng,
    Students should be allowed to have the freedom to dress how they want. Some things are positive about school uniforms, but there is also negative. I agree that school systems are very hypocritical by saying that they are creating a level playing field. You pointed out that school uniforms make you feel like you are in a jail environment. Aren’t schools supposed to encourage Freedom? You put out some very interesting points about how they also use school uniforms to prevent bullying but it doesn’t. I love how you end your paragraph with a question to keep the reader thinking about the subject.

  2. OnTasia White 2 months ago

    Dear Deng,
    I agree with you everyone should be able to wear what they want as long as it follows the dress code. I understand no one wants to wear the same thing as everyone in school or just wear the same thing everyday. I’m very lucky i go to a school that i get to wear what i want.

  3. Lior 3 months ago

    i agree that students should have the freedom to wear what they want as long as it follows dress code policies.

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