Jesus Christ of Nazareth was probably the most influential individual to ever live. Two thousand years ago, a Jewish preacher started gathering a following to lead them to the “Kingdom of God”. The movement he started was so threatening to the Roman Empire, they killed him and anyone openly following him. Even today he is still hailed by many people as God himself. “The Jesus Question” as Matthew Kelly puts it, is one of the most pondered questions today, even if he lived thousands of years ago. There is no question about Jesus being significant and influential, the bible for example is one of the most highly sold books on the planet, and still selling copies today. There are not many other options to believe but Jesus had to have been divine.

If Jesus was not Divine, he was the world’s greatest conman. He could not have been some crazy guy saying he was the son of God or else no one would have listened to him. He just would have been another insane man walking the streets, but that was not the case. Jesus was not just another man killed by the Roman Empire because they saw a threat. There were tons of men like Jesus that raised a following but the difference between them and Jesus was pretty significant. Jesus had to have had something that made him different, something that proved himself to the crowds and it was not just being a charismatic good looking guy. 

In the end you can still believe that Jesus was not  Divine but there are few choices for the skeptics. Either you think that Jesus was a liar or some kind of con man; that most early Christians do not  think Jesus was divine, and that the Church just lied to billions of people. Just the fact that Jesus Christ has so much popularity in our time, 2000 years later proves that this wasn’t an ordinary man. A man that has billions of followers many whom view him as God himself. There is  not much credible evidence for the side of Jesus and the Church being liars. But there’s not a ton proving that he was God too. If they did lie about everything, they pulled off the biggest scam in the history of the earth and fooled billions of people for their whole lives into thinking they will be saved when they die. In the end there’s no way we will ever be able to firmly have a correct answer.  It was too long ago and it’s not like we have a way to tell if people are Divine or not, only time will tell and until we finally reach the day of our Inevitable deaths we will never know.


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  1. Alejandro 2 months ago

    Dear Samuel:
    I am really interested about your post,’’Was Jesus divine?,’’ because you’re talking about if Jesus the son of god or a simple person and you say that the Holy Bible is the book more famous all over the world
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is:’’ If Jesus was not Divine, he was the world’s greatest con man’’ I think this is interesting because…If you believe in jesus or god that doesn’t mean that you’re not bad because the religion is good because convert bad people in good people
    Thanks for for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because… you are interested with your thoughts but you can improve if you strive.

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