In today’s day in age, electric cars are becoming more popular compared to gas cars. There are many different types of electric cars that are popular, especially amongst teens as they are becoming more aware that our planet and the environment is in danger. For instance, in my family, we have two electric cars that we drive to and from since we live up in the snowy canyon. There are many benefits, advantages, and disadvantages to driving both gas and electric cars. If we want to save our cities from becoming endangered with the gas emissions from gas cars, then one should consider purchasing an electric car.  

For starters, driving gas cars negatively affects the environment causing pollution and inversion in our cities, creating an unhealthy and unstable environment. They are also relatively expensive and one has to spend lots of money on gas and paying for the car itself. According to the National Geographic, Europeans drive less than Americans and prices per gallon are way too expensive: “The calculations, of course, would be different in other countries; Europe’s current average gasoline price, $7.78 per gallon due to aggressive tax policies, might appear to make the EV payback period quicker, but electric prices also are higher in Europe. Even more important: Europe’s drivers drive far less per year than U.S. drivers—a factor that would tend to slow the payback period. Moreover, the wide availability of competitively priced diesel vehicles gives European motorists more choice of high fuel economy vehicles that are not EVs” (Lavelle, 2012). This goes to show that gas cars are becoming more expensive as the years go on.

Electric cars are becoming more popular and cheaper compared to the gas guzzlers. A huge factor is due to how many benefits and advantages there are to getting and driving an electric car-no gas required, savings, no emissions, popularity, safe to drive, cost effective, low maintenance, and reduced noise pollution. One of the many main reasons my family bought electric cars is because of the reduced noise pollution. The reduced noise pollution allows for a smooth and quiet ride as the car does not make any noises: “Electric cars put curb on noise pollution as they are much quieter. Electric motors are capable of providing smooth drive with higher acceleration over longer distances” (Rinkesh, Conserve Energy Future).

Despite having many strong benefits, there are also some disadvantages to look out for when going and purchasing an electric car. The downsides are having to worry about recharging percentage points, electricity isn’t free, short driving range and speed, longer recharge time, silence as disadvantage, normally two seaters, battery replacement, and it’s not suitable for cities that are facing a shortage of power. My family and I relate to the battery issue as we have to charge the cars overnight to ensure that we will have enough battery to sustain the rest of the day whilst gallivanting around the city.  Despite being many disadvantages and advantages to getting an electric car over a gas car, there are a lot of positives and negatives for getting an electric car. But to ensure that our planet becomes healthier and stabler, I suggest that one should look into getting an electric car. 



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