I have learned that there are many different reasons why animals should and should not be in zoos. The most significant reason that they should not be in zoos is based on land. Many animals travel in packs and herds. Ranging from giraffes, zebras, lions, wolves, and elephants. These animals need lots of space to roam and graze. Carnivores need lots of space for their own territory. Polar bears usually have territories that are 1 million times bigger than usual enclosures at zoos. Zoos are just too small. Because these animals enclosures are so small they face physiological effects like pacing back and forth and pulling out their own fur. There is also a high infant mortality rate despite being in a facility that prevents other animals from killing, abandoning, starving, and not having medical resources. Potential solutions to this is simple. Give animals bigger enclosures by widening the perimeter of their living spaces. The other solution is to let them be in the wild and to stop deforestation and increase security to protect the animals. It can be implemented through funding from the government and anonymous donners who want to help stop animal cruelty. Another solution is climate change. By helping the climate you help the animals within it. There are objections to this as some animals do not need huge living spaces. Some animals are fine with small spaces and do not feel the same effects. 


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