Utah inversion is a period during the winter season where a layer of warm air gets trapped in cold air around the valley and pollutes the atmosphere affecting breathing conditions for all Utah’s. The main reason for the inversion is gas emissions from motor vehicles (Winter Inversions). This problem continues to grow as each winter inversion days increase and more days become dangerous for Utah’s to leave the house. 

The citizens of Utah are the people impacted by the inversion with inversion creating days where it is not safe to be outside for people with breathing problems such as asthma. It also impacts the economy of Utah by less people wanting to move to Utah because of the inversion and decrease tourism during the ski season because of the harmful inversion days (Seen as a Nature lover’s paradise, Utah Struggles with air quality).

Previous solutions that have been tried is stricter regulations on car emissions, however the regulations have not been strict enough to decrease inversion days. Another solution suggested is campaign ads to encourage citizens to carpool or take public transportation, but no significant data is seen on how well the campaign has gone.

 Increasing funding for public transportation to make it more accessible for people by decreasing the price for this public transportation. Utah has one of the most expensive public transportation prices in the nation with $2.50 for ride while the average around the nation is $1 to $1.50 (UTA fares increase, making among the most expense). Increasing public transportation to developing areas and housing will increase the opportunities for people to use it and not use motor vehicles. This will give people an opportunity to use public transportation and decrease gas emissions to help lower inversion the Salt Lake Valley. 


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  1. Maggie 8 months ago

    YES! Coming from Chicago, a city with a vast public transportation infastructure, SLC needs to improve their offerings. This would help with air quality and to support the growth the valley is projected to see in the upcoming years. I also think more people need to be encouraged to take the buses and carpool up the canyons, so maybe a campaign about that would help, too.

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