The USA’s impact on El Salvador. The economy is not doing well and gang violence throughout the country is very high. There are dangers throughout the whole country putting all the citizens at risk. There are gangs who cause so many problems like robberies and murders.

TPS- Temporary Protected Status is a permission that some people have from El Salvador and other countries and this allows them to stay in the United States. This has helped thousands of Salvadoran people be able to stay in the United States. Many of the people from this country migrate to the United States, looking for better opportunities and more chances of staying alive.

The TPS is at risk of being removed by the president. Dangers that are occurring in the country and the reason for why they moved to the United States. In this article, it talks about a family from Lourdes, El Salvador. They say how much this would affect them if the TPS would be removed from the Salvadorans. The solution to this would be to not remove the TPS. Recently, this permission has been extended even after they said it would be removed completely. Many people would agree to not remove the TPS especially those who are benefitted from it.

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  1. Kathryn 7 months ago

    Mashlin, this is a very informative piece of writing and a very important one too. You did a good job of identifying the issue and proposing a solution for it as well. Pointing out that the main reasons for migration include safety hazards is an imperative part of the reason to keep TPS running especially for Central Americans. Perhaps including more information on how this removal would affect people that are already residing in the US and how it affects those still in El Salvador would add to your already compelling argument.

  2. Gedeon 7 months ago

    Great job Mashlin! You clearly demonstrated the goal of your writing by pointing out the impact of the economy on the population and also by showing how the gangs are affecting people’s daily lives. You clearly conveyed the reasons for the population’s migration to the US by repeatedly pointing out gang violence, which clarifies the TPS’s importance in the migration process. If you were to give some evidence of this in El Salvador, the validity of your writing will indisputable. Check out the link at the bottom to get an idea of what evidence might be helpful for you to add.

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