This year’s presidential election is a very controversial topic, I have seen many people stand on one side strongly. Yet, I have also seen many people choose one side because they do not like the other side. Many people have been seen voting for Biden because they dislike Trump, I believe if you are going to choose a side you should have a strong statement as to why you are choosing that president, not “I am voting for Biden because Trump is racist”. As a citizen of the United States I believe people need to be open for change and once we can learn to accept that, then our country will be seen with power again. 

Many people are so focused on who they elect for president yet they are not looking around to how the rest of the world is seeing us. America is seen as a leading and powerful country but if we really look at it right now, that is not the case. America has been dealing with a pandemic since February/March of 202o, it is almost 2021 and this pandemic is still going on. All I want to say is if and when you can vote, please vote for someone because you strongly believe they should be the next US president not because you dislike the other candidates. 




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