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In the article “Pandemic” by Joe Bubar it talks about how in 1918 the Spanish Flu was having its starters and how Violet Harris was experiencing during this time. In her community everyone thought that this was going to just go away in a couple of days or something but it was not like that. Things became worse when the virus started spreading more and more leaving people without the hope that it would go away. Which this sounds familiar to the situation nowadays with COVID 19 because now we are experiencing something like that. People need to be careful and take care of themselves and one another because we do not know what could happen and if it could go worse than the Spanish flu. 

In the year of 2020, something similar happened, when COVID 19 started, people at the beginning did not believe much in it but they realized things were getting worse. Many people died because of the negligence of themselves or their relatives. It is important to recognize the risk we are at in a daily basis with objects and the air around us and more now in this situation knowing that we have a hard time. It has not been easy to be like this and to live like this for more than a year but if we become more responsible and less careless about the situation, it can change, and possibly things will be how they used to be a couple of years ago.  

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May 3, 2021 6:58 am

Covid-19 impacted world-wide. The pre-caution that has to be done on Covid-19 has to be taken serious. Following guidelines will help us from preventing spreading the virus and ultimately protecting ourselves from the virus. Covid-19 impacted all of us in different ways and forms. Many lost their jobs, many got the viruse, and Covid-19 introduced us to quarantine. Covid-19 will always be remembered as the pandemic that happened nearly 100 years after the Spanish Flu.
A line that stood out to me was, “Many people died because of the neglictance of themselves and relatives.” This is very true because many just take it as a joke and do not take the pandemic serious. Even to this day, people break guidelines and do not follow the rules.
I am glad you wrote this as an additional source of information prior to Covid-19. It is extrememly important for us to know how Covid-19 could dragistically change our lives in the matter of seconds.

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