The Streets Of Oakland

By: Marcos Chupin

“You think Oakland California is a city of punks.” These famous lines from Too $horts song, “I want to be free” illustrates many of people’s thoughts about Oakland. This might be true to some people but not for all, Oakland CA is a city about excitement where nobody is antisocial and the community is diverse, in Oakland people make sideshows for fun and anybody is invited but one is there at their own risk. Many people see Oakland as a “dangerous place” but in reality is how you act, and though the thoughts of Oakland are immutable there are great communities within it. On the contrary,  some places are dangerous because of color clothes a resident wears.Based on the research it is clear that Oakland is diverse and each neighborhood is different that it is not fair to judge the city.

Deep East

Deep East can be a very hard environment to live in. Its very strict in what you do most crimes come from, “the most ghetto” but in reality because of how strict it is to live there many crimes happen because of decisions of others to degrade people.

Some parts of “Deep East” like Seminary is known for having lots of colleges but at the same time very dangerous. Deep East is also full of gang areas if you wear the wrong color in the block you will get shot no matter in what way you use it. Ms.Liz states, “Every street has become more dangerous each year”(Liz). Many would agree with Ms.Liz because many people also see the change throughout the city. But its never to late for the city to adapt.

                                                                              Murder Dubbs

Murder Dubs is more of a Norteño/red color gang area. The streets 20-29th are considered part of the Murder Dubs and “Dubs” mean twenty. In the 80’s the Murder Dubs were called “The Twomps” with International blvd. Same thing also goes with the Dubs if you wear the wrong color you will instantly get shot. After the 80’s thats when the name Murder Dubs came to the twenties.“Streets are all broken down”(Chupin).

Jingle town

Jingle town is a place inside Fruitvale which is another place located in East Oakland it may be a little hard to find because its a very small place . There is not much facts about Jingle town. “Jingletown, also known as the North Kennedy Tract”(LocalWiki)

In conclusion, Oakland is a dangerous place but is a place of community where people feel comfortable to meet new people but are very secured about things they do. 

                            Annotated bibliography

Chupin, Amado. “Oakland Street Interview.” 29 Nov. 2019.

My uncle said that Oakland got a little more dangerous it use to be more calm but now the crime got bigger and a lot more violence now it’s dangerous to even wear clothes. The streets are all full of broken roads, its not the same. He has lived in Oakland over 15 years and for living that much over time I know he has seen change.

Ms.Liz . “Oakland Street Interview.” 29 Nov. 2019.

Ms.Liz said the streets of Oakland get more dangerous each year and that its never to late to go back and fix mistakes I chose her because I know she can explain perfectly how it was back then because she is kind of old.



  1. Cashanne 6 months ago

    Dear Marcos, I am a student from San Jose State University and reading your post and can tell how you wanted to explain how much Oakland has changed and how it could be even with its bitter moments. When you said “Oakland CA is a city about excitement where nobody is antisocial and the community is diverse, in Oakland people make sideshows for fun and anybody is invited but one is there at their own risk”, I could tell that you wanted others to understand and see what Oakland was really like. Thank you Marcos!

  2. Emily Bredberg 8 months ago

    Hi Marcus,
    I’m coming from a much different background than you when I read your article. I have never been to Oakland. I grew up around Dallas, TX and now live in Massachusetts. When reading, your pride for Oakland was very apparent. While acknowledging the challenges of your community, you also take time to celebrate the community and diversity. You also share hope for crime to improve in the future. I also think it is important that you shared interviews with people who have been in Oakland for many years. It provides a unique perspective.

    I wonder if you have done any research about the crime statistics in Oakland? How much crime is there and what kind? That may give readers more insights in your article. I also would have loved more examples of the community of Oakland that you are proud of.

    How do you and others in the community work to make Oakland the better place you hope to see in the future?

  3. Erick Reyes 9 months ago

    Dear Marcos,
    when I read this article it seemed like you tried to make Oakland sound like the most dangerous place on earth when in reality it’s not that dangerous anymore. One sentence that caught my eye was “My uncle said that Oakland got a little more dangerous it use to be more calm but now the crime got bigger and a lot more violence now it’s dangerous to even wear clothes”. Oakland is nothing compared to New York, Los Angeles, and even Miami. The cities that I have just listed have higher crime rates. In Oakland you most likely won’t get shot for wearing the wrong colors because no one color bangs anymore. It’s 2020, and we see Crips wearing all red. In this article it shows some good reasons why gangs don’t color bang anymore . To be honest this article was alright but I would love to see more from you in the future.

  4. Wilbert 9 months ago

    Dear Baby Long Head, I think you did a good job. But You could explain more about the colors and be more detailed. But is whass good Keep it up boyfriend.

  5. Edith 9 months ago

    Dear Jimena, you’ve written a serious issue that needs to be talked about more. I agree with every point you’ve listed. Air pollution is damaging our Earth and children. We cannot let this problem be unseen by people in power. They too need to talk about this issue and figure out some solutions. A line that stood out to me is, “Global warming, most of the times is a very dangerous problem because it’s affecting the earth and the earth is basically depending on us to change the way we live and reduce global warming” because the planet is depending on us. We are all part of this problem. We started it and now we need to end it. If our home is gone, we are gone as well. Thank you for writing this, Jimena. I look forward to seeing more of your writing.

  6. Elizabeth 9 months ago

    Dear Marcos, I think that your post was very interesting because I didn’t know that the colors that you wear can put your life on the line. A line that stood out to me was “But it’s never to late for the city to adapt” because I totally agree that people can change for the better and that we should change because people should be able to wear what they want without having to worry about something as important as their life. I agree with your point about the streets becoming more dangerous because parents in Oakland are even more afraid to let their children go out at night lately. Thank you for taking your time to write this article, keep it up.

    • Marcos 9 months ago

      Thank you for reading my blog. I have a question for you based on your comment. What do you like most about my blog.

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