An article written by Dough Saunders were he tells the story of the struggles faced by a young girl named Lara Osman born to a low-income immigrant family. 12-year-old Lara is originally from eastern Helsinki, her father a taxi and a stay at home mother. Lara herself expresses her struggles at school when other students bully her for being poor. ” There are some kids who will treat you badly because you’re not like them. You just ignore them if they talk badly to you.”

But when Lara steps into her new school her life changed. Meri-Rastila Primary School is a place resembles urban Canadian primary schools where students all have equal opportunity as the other students. There are remedial classes. There is a large number of the non-academic activities that are put to fill a school, this is for the benefit of the children so they are able to create more social and behavior interact with each other instead of competing.

The focus of Finland’s educational system is to give students such as Lara equal opportunity no matter their social status. “That obsession has produced results: The odds of someone like her, born below the poverty line, becoming a middle-class adult are better in Finland than in almost any other country. More important, those odds are measurably better than they were 20 years ago. And it’s almost all because of the way the Finns changed their schools. “


  1. Mashlin 8 months ago

    This was very interesting to read because it has so much meaning behind the story. You did a good job describing and the story about how she was so determined about school and lives in tough conditions is inspiring.

  2. Elliot 8 months ago

    Hey Sandra,
    I thought this article was very interesting and you summed it up well. I like the idea of having more programs for kids that focus on cooperation. I think it sets them up to do better in the future. Do you think US students would benefit from programs like that, which look to strengthen the bond between peers?

  3. Sam M 8 months ago

    I thought this was a very interesting piece. I find it very interesting how the schools run can affect the class and wealth status a person has later in life, and I think you did a very good job at bringing that to attention.

  4. Joshua 9 months ago

    Hey sandra, I thought this article was quite interesting because I’ve always admired the finish school education. They value cooperation more than grades and the results have been amazing! So thanks for sharing!

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