Legalizing marijuana has it’s pros and cons.  Marijuana was first legalized for medicinal use in california in 1996. The black market was still making more money than the legal market and more money than before legalization. Recreational marijuana use and possession by people 21 and older was legalized in the state of California in November 2016. Also,  visitors that are 21 and older can purchase weed or any product that they sell in the store. Although, it is legalized people are not allowed to take it out of California because other states haven’t legalized it and people can only purchase a certain amount.

A pro from legalizing merijuana has a possibility of bringing more money in the U.S. In the article i read Szalvita it was about making sure people dont over use marijuana and use it for the right purpose “No scientific evidence demonstrates an association between the amount of money governments spend on drug law enforcement and rates of drug use. And some nations like the U.S., which spend the most, have among the highest rates of drug use.” (Szalavitz

The con of marijuana is that although it is not scientifically proven that is harmful it can be addicting and people are starting to consume it more each day.  “Because many recreational (relating to or denoting drugs taken on an occasional basis for enjoyment, especially when socializing) Marijuana laws have been passed so recently, we do observe limited post-treatment data for some of these states,”(Howard) This is stating that they prescribe it but the do check for overuse and use for different purposes. So they are being responsible on how they released the weed for medical use because people to try to get it to just sell. Also it has limits on how much weed people may use. 

Some negative is that people can get addicted to weed and it comes with big consequences like people can just want to spend all their money on weed and makes them go broke and they can end up one the streets.

In sum legalizing weed comes with pros in cons with it so people have to make sure if it’s for medical purposes then use it that way and people just keep track of how much people smoke.


CC BY-SA 4.0 “WEED” by Christopher is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Victor 6 days ago

    Dear Christ, I agree with ou and the way that you explain how weed has been legal for the state of california but I don’t understand Where did you find that quote and what it does mean?. something you need to work on is on capitalize your I because in some of the scentences you didnt also to have more evidence like were did you find it but for the rest its fine and I want to tell you that you did a good work. scincerly, Victor Gonzalez

  2. Cesar 2 weeks ago

    Dear Chris, thanks fro writting, but I respecctfuy disagree that having weed legalized could have more cons tha pros. For example, weed can cause people to die or even do crazy things. While doctors try to find out how to make people not overdose from weed, thousands of people would have died before the doctors find an answer. Have you ever thought about how mant people die each year because of weed? Sincerely, Cesar Sanchez.

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