Do people, in general, know that in one night in the United States half a million children and adults sleep outside because they are homeless? (National Alliance to End Homelessness Program) This can stop if men or women try to volunteer and step up to help the community out so that homelessness can end. 

Illustrated by a large number of other groups around the world and the Bay Area studies have shown that there is a large number of homeless people around the world. Groups are trying to stop all homelessness around the world and share out any other resources, that will help us contact people to deal with homelessness. And what people do is dismal because it contains messing up the environment for any Oakland Citizen.

A website that was found is a group that wants to help out the community but are trying to bring some homeless people to comprehend and adapt to all the rules. Some rules that they should have is that homeless people should clean up along the street line and clean up so that we don’t have a lot of trash. If homeless people don’t comprehend the rules then the mayor Libby Schaaf can order to take their homes away and go to a different space. In the article by “National Alliance to End Homelessness Program,” they want to take homeless people to bring themselves to public space, which I’m going to talk about later in the blog. The article “National Alliance to End Homelessness Program” states “ The Alliance works collaboratively with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to build state and local capacity, leading to stronger programs and policies that help communities achieve their goal of ending homelessness”(Schaaf). This article is saying that this program works publicly or privately and they try to achieve to end homelessness. Also, this shows that there are other programs like this one that could or do the same concept but with other resources, a possible change in the future of Oakland and around the world.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Another website that was found out that was very relevant to this topic is an article by “Responding to Homelessness” a report by Libby Schaff is another program that helps the community by giving out resources on who to call or what to do to make spaces cleaner. The Article “Responding to Homelessness” states “Between 2015-17, the homeless population grew by over 25 percent, jumping from 2,191 in 2015 to 2,761 in January 2017”(Responding to Homelessness). This article is saying that the homelessness rate has grown in totally different ways and there have been lots of amounts of homeless people coming into the bay area. Also, throughout 2015 there have been other groups like “Bay Area Homelessness” and “Bay Area Economic Institute”.

One of the most important groups that are very helpful is the Bay Area Economic Institute because during 2015 the number of people has multiplied in the homeless rate around the Bay Area and now the Bay Area Economic Institute has sort of helping the community and is going to continue to go step by step to help the community out and try to clean up some of the messes around the bay area. “Bay Area Economic Institute” The article states “The number of residents who believe homelessness is the region’s top problem has nearly tripled since 2015”(Schaaf). This article is saying that people have thought about the topic of homelessness and people had said that it’s the biggest problem the Bay Area has since 2015 and they want it to change!. Also, if people do make a change now in the future there will be major consequences because there weren’t any changes done in the present. A prediction that I have is that in the future it will be too hard for any other group to stop homeless people from continuing to live on the street. What do you think?

In Conclusion, the problem with Oakland and the whole world is that the homeless people rate is growing by a huge amount and community people and organizations are contributing to the problem. If people can keep helping out the community there can be a big impact on the problem that the city struggles with.

                                                        Annotated Bibliography

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I Interviewed him because he has been here more than me so I figure that he will now more about homelessness and how it affects us. This quote passes the CRAAP test because the quote that he gave me is up to date and comes from a credible source.

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I interviewed him because In school he is learning about homelessness and how it affects us. Also, he could give me better and relevant information. This quote passes the CRAAP test because it comes from a good reliable source and it gives me good information about the topic.

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  1. Bryan Quezada 5 months ago

    Hey Neyzer, My name is Bryan I currently attend SJSU. Passion for the homeless is something a lot of people are missing. I always think of wanting to do something to change this. I give what I can when I see some homeless people, money, spare change whatever it is that I have. It sounds like most of our city officials or country as a whole do not care about people without homes, they simply want their cities rid of them and they want them off certain property so they force them to move. San Jose is pretty bad as well, a lot of homeless people. That first fact hit me like a punch to the face. More than half a million, that is a crazy amount. WIth all the money in the world we can end this along with other stuff. Things remain unchanged. I liked your passion and ideas. Good job.

  2. Jane Regan 7 months ago

    Hello Neyzer –

    Thank you for the work you are doing to try to better expose the problem of homelessness. I live in a different city, on the other side of the country, and we also have many homeless people. It’s pretty sad. The government tries to help by providing temporary shelter, but will that solve the issue?

    I don’t know what the cause is in Oakland, but in the Boston area, one cause is the high cost of rent. Another is that some people who need mental health counseling don’t have access to it, and they sometimes end up on the street. Another reason is that people might be able to get jobs, but will their salaries cover their needs?

    I would be interested in knowing what the causes of homelessness might be in your area?
    Also, I am curious about your interviews? Maybe I misunderstood, but I could not figure out who you spoke with? I’d be interested!

    You implied that homeless people might be partly responsible for “messes?” I’d be really interested to know more about that idea…

    This is a HUGE issue, and I am really impressed that you tackled it. I really commend you and I look forward to maybe reading your reactions!

  3. Author
    Neyzer 8 months ago

    Thank you, Angel, for commenting on my blog and reading it. I wanted to address what you said about helping me with more articles and thanks for giving a helpful article that helped me. Also, you give me some background of the article and somethings that contain others to sign up and help out.

  4. Ivan 8 months ago

    Dear Neyzer, I agree with you that Oaklands homlessnes has been increasing and I think your post was interesting because you interviewed people that you knew and its interesting how we get to see the struggling part of homlessnes.

  5. Angel 9 months ago

    Dear Neyzer, I agree with you that Oakland is increasing in homelessness but, what’s your solution? There are so many ways to help but, how specifically can you help. I think you should make a plan to help prevent homelessness before it gets worst like you predicted. “A prediction that I have is that in the future it will be too hard for any other group to stop homeless people from continuing to live on the street.”. You should think about how to stop it instead of saying it’s gonna spread. Instead of just saying it’s gonna get worse you should actually do something about it. I’m not against you I just want you to actually make a difference for the community. For help go to the article, “”, where you sign up to be a volunteer to actually help the homeless yourself. Overall you have a strong piece of work that makes sense to me, it’s just that you don’t have a plan and are counting on other people to make a difference instead of you actually doing anything. Thanks for sharing your info with the public, really appreciate you for coming out to tell the truth instead of just sitting there. This was very fearless of you because people ARE gonna disagree with you so you have to be strong to go against anybody with your opinions.

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