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Is the Golden State Warriors dynasty over? The Golden State Warriors first home was in Philadelphia (1946-1962) then moved to San Francisco (1962-1971). Next they moved to the place all Warriors fans know and love, Oakland (1971-2019). Exceeding all expectations, The Golden State Warriors have, won 3 NBA championships in the last 4-5 years. The Warriors dynasty is the reign of the Warriors coming into the league and conquering multiple different NBA records while having the first ever unanimous MVP (most valuable player) as the leader (Stephen Curry). Also while winning the most games in an NBA regular season in NBA history. However, this year the Warriors moved back to San Francisco. Executive Chairman Peter Guber says, “it will be easily accessible, state of the art, digitally fit, and second to none.” (The Motley Fool). Many people believe that this move is affecting the strength of the Warriors; the Warriors current win-loss record is 5-21 (2019-2020). Or is the main cause of the Warriors decline in wins something else? The Warriors leaving Oakland has not had a massive effect on the Warriors success, instead injuries have because the GSW (Golden State Warriors) went from the best team in the entire NBA (Win – Loss) to the worst team in the NBA. In the 2019-2020 season the Warriors are on track to be illegible to even play in the playoffs. Based on the research the injuries that the Golden State Warriors have suffered from is the main cause of the GSW decline in wins.

Injuries are the true culprit of the GSW loss. This is true because GSW win percentage 2018-2019 season was .707. Now the GSW win percentage is a staggering .208 (BasketBall Reference) . This is undeniably because Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are injured. Daniel Gomez, Basketball Enthusiast, commented on the matter, “I agree because the style of play that the Warriors run is a system that is only playable with Curry and Kay and they are one of a kind players” (Gomez). Last season 2018-2019 the GSW were first in the Western Conference. This season they are last in the Western Conference. Last season they had all of their stars healthy, this season it is only rookies running the show. Some people may express that it’s not only the rookies, they have Steve Kerr as well, he is a veterian. But it is really difficult to compare a vet from the old basketball era. The old basketball era would be, in other words, the era of Kobe and Shak, Micheal Jordan and Scottie Pippen.  Basketball has altered tremendously especially one of the main influencers, Stephen Curry, is out. Therefore leaving the rookies to only improve with it being their first season in the league. 

The other side of the argument might argue that the Warriors are losing because they do not have the oracle arena and its fans to back them up. Ramona Shelburne, senior writer, from ESPN, “The Warriors overhauled their roster, moved into their new forever home in San Francisco and hit the reset button on the team that has lorded over the NBA” (Shelburne). Moving to another stadium is a really huge deal to the players and the fans. But comparing the move to a “reset” is just very illogical. Just because a team is not in their home stadium doesn’t mean that they will perform bad. It’s like saying that Curry will perform dismal just because he is on the road and not in his home stadium. The GSW are still playing basketball right? So a location should not show much of a difference that GSW go from “unbeatable” to “easy win”.

In conclusion Injuries are the true culprit of the GSW major decline in wins not the stadium. Just because GSW is in a different location doesn’t mean GSW’s overall performance as a team should drastically change for the worse. So know you tell me, is the GSW dynasty over?

Annotated bibliography

Gomez, Isaiah, and Daniel Gomez. “Warriors Interview.” 13 Dec. 2019.

The topic of the interview with Daniel Gomez was about the GSW’s loss in wins and what was the main cause of the Golden State Warriors decline in loss. Throughout the interview Daniel made key points about how the Warriors gameplay is really a system and not every player can fit the main roles that Steph and Klay play on the squad. 



  1. Preston 5 months ago

    Hey Isaiah,

    I’m a student from SJSU and I thought that your blog was an interesting and informative read. Honestly speaking, I don’t have much knowledge about professional sports, so this is all foreign territory from my perspective. However, from what I read, I really enjoyed the arguments and information that you brought out. I liked how you took stats and data, and compiled them into an overarching argument surrounding the basketball team’s overall performance. For example, I see that you mentioned variables like season performance, injury, and even them moving to a different city. It’s interesting to note that although these stats seem simple on their own, they each contribute towards a bigger picture and the team’s long-term dynamic, which I noticed you putting in your post. Well done on the blog and although I don’t know much about the sport, it was very enjoyable to read and explore.

    Thanks for writing your blog!

  2. Stephanie Turner 8 months ago

    Isaiah, you’re analysis of the Golden State Warriors Team was very well researched and supported by statistical evidence; however, I’d encourage you to try taking a more neutral approach when reporting this information. Although reading the piece was interesting, it seemed as though it was mildly biased in the presentation of the information. I’d like to know you’re take on how the trades at the end of last NBA season, in regards to the Warriors as well as other teams in the conference acquiring new powerhouses, also have an impact on the overall performance of the Warriors this season. In addition to that I’d like to hear you take in if any of these proposed reasons for the reason the team isn’t as successful compared to recent seasons is multiple reasons built upon one another. All in all nicely done.

  3. Ryan Mabie 8 months ago

    I thought you made some good points regarding the effects that the injuries have played on the GSW’s record. However, I do wonder why there is not a single mention of Kevin Durant. That could be included as an injury or a loss to free agency. But being a key factor during the warriors “reign over the nba,” he should probably be mentioned when talking about their fall from grace. Keep up the good work.

  4. Jade 8 months ago

    Dear Isaiah,
    I think your post “The Golden States Warriors move to san francisco” was very interesting. One line that stood out to me was that was “The Warriors leaving Oakland has not had a massive effect on the Warriors success, instead injuries have because the GSW (Golden State Warriors) went from the best team in the entire NBA (Win – Loss) to the worst team in the NBA”. I agree with you because the Warriors didnt make a difference leaving and they werent gonna get any better and thats really true.thanks for writing and keep it up.

  5. Jimena 8 months ago

    Dear Isaiah,
    Your post “The Golden State Warriors Move to San Francisco” I found it very interesting. One sentence that stood out to me was, “Just because a team is not in their home stadium doesn’t mean that they will perform bad.” This stood out to me because any team could not be in their home but yet they still play bad or sometimes they do better at a different teams home. Their home does not say anything about how they would play if it’s good or bad. However, one thing that I disagree with this line, “Many people believe that this move is affecting the strength of the Warriors” because I know you said people think them moving is affecting their strength but maybe that is wrong. Them moving is not affecting their strength because it’s not doing anything to them physically, they are just in a place they were before and as time passes by they are going to get used to the place. Maybe they are just not trying their best to play and I think that’s normal for teams because there are times were they really don’t try but then most of the times they do try.

    • Author
      Isaiah 8 months ago

      Dear Jimena,
      I see your point, but your ignoring my point. That was my counter argument not necessarily MY argument. So you are kind of agreeing with me. Thank ou so much for reading my blog. But next time read the whole blog.

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