1. yingmei.liang 5 months ago

    Dear Amy, I am a student of SJSU. After reading your blog, I very much agree with you. It would be a good idea if Auckland could spend more money to support education rather than unnecessary demand. In addition, I like the way you compare the education budget of Los Angeles with Oakland. “The amount of tax money that LA gives there schools is myriad more than what they give students in Oakland , which could mean that LA has more opportunities for their students that help them better than what they offer for Oakland students.” It It can draw the reader ’s attention, which is a good way to prove that Auckland students need more support financially. I like how you pointed out that the Oakland Police Department obtained more than $ 143 million more than the Fire Department, and then you try to understand that this is reasonable because people need more police in Auckland to reduce the risk of crime. One thing I am interested in is what is the percentage distribution of the average annual expenditure in different categories (such as housing, food, transportation, health care, etc.). Overall, your blog is very powerful and inspirational.

  2. Erica Hodgin 6 months ago

    It was really interesting to read you blog post and learn about the use of city taxes in Oakland. You’ve highlighted a number of important points and questions. The comparison you made in the beginning about how the police department and the fire department should have a similar budget as both jobs are risky and vital was an important one. I’m curious though what the average salary of a police officer is versus a fire fighter. Is there a big difference? Also, I got a little confused later in your post as it sounded like you were advocating for police being paid more money. Am I understanding that right? And what are the ways you think the city should gather feedback and input from residents of the city so the process is more transparent and the city is accountable to the tax payers?
    Thanks for sharing what you learned!

  3. Fernanda 8 months ago

    Dear Amy,
    I think your post is very informative because because you made me realize how Oakland is not using the taxes money aprodietly. A line that stood out to me was “It is undeniable from these numbers, that Oakland taxes are giving either too little or too much towards jobs that have the same amount of life risks which shows that Oakland can be using the money for unnecessary essentials…” because I didn’t know what the Oakland people did with the taxes money and now you informed me and made me realize that they are not using the taxes right. I agree with you. Thank you fro writing and keep it up can’t wait to read your next post.

    • Author
      Amy 8 months ago

      Thank you so much for reading my blog. The part of your comment that stood out to me was , “I didn’t know what the Oakland people did with the taxes money and now you informed me and made me realize that they are not using the taxes right.” A question I have for you is has taxes ever impacted you or and one you might know? Looking forward to hearing back!

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