Everyone knows about kidnapping but not everyone knows that not only females are kidnapped a lot of males get kidnapped too. In the past couple of years there has been more kidnappings in Oakland. An unacceptable amount of girls get kidnapped, but that isn’t the worst part. There is almost the same amount of boys who get kidnapped just like girls. 

Kidnapping is becoming a huge problem in Oakland. This isn’t helping the community, because more boys and girls are getting kidnapped and getting taken away from their families. There is a large amount of children getting kidnapped in Oakland there is more girls getting kidnapped, but that isn’t all, the rate of boys getting kidnapped isn’t that far away from the rate of girls getting kidnapped. In an article with kidnapping statistics written by Xaiver Bercerra it stated, “Male-36,244 Female-44,226”(Becerra). This is saying that there is a higher rate of females being kidnapped. In this quote the rate for females is 44,226 that is a various amount of females going missing, but for boys it is 36,244 that means that there are 7,982 more girls going missing than boys going missing.. This is still a lot of boys going missing. Many people think that there aren’t many boys going missing, but according to these statistic there is more boys going missing than people thought. This is a really big problem because 80,470 children go missing in Oakland; This is almost 100,000 children. If this isnt a big problem think about 80,470 parents getting their children taken away. Almost 100,00 kids are getting taken away from their parents. This causes parents to feel anger, depression, and guilt. Almost 600,000 people live in Oakland, if this many people live in Oakland then 80,470 is extremely large amount of children going missing.

Secondy, there are many possible reasons why people kidnap. So many people kidnap for weird reasons, most people kidnap only for money. In an article written by Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P he stated, “The high unemployment rate in many countries has forced citizens to find other ways to make money—and some of those ways are illegal. Kidnapping a rich person can be a lucrative business. A cash-strapped unemployed person may believe that when he kidnaps someone who is rich, he may be able to become rich himself” (Uzochukwu). This Is basically saying that when some people are unemployed and they can’t find jobs and they still need to make money they decide to kidnap kids of rich people thinking that they will become rich as well. Which is obviously illegal but they still do it because they want to make money a faster way since they are forced to find money in different ways. This is only one reason people might kidnap. This is understandable because many people do kidnap for money by taking a child calling their family for money and they will get their child back. So how do we stop people from kidnapping? A possible way for preventing kidnapping is always watch the children and keep them safe. If this is not possible try giving children a weapon if they have to walk home by themselves. This Is a good way because if they feel like they are being watched, being followed, or someone is violently harassing them then they would have protection if they need it. Another possible way according to this quote would be to help people find a job who really need one. If people get jobs that they are happy with and jobs that they can deal with then there would less likely be kidnappings in Oakland this would be because they are getting money in a job they can adjust to. 

Lastly, in an interveiw with David Roberto he states “ Kidnapping is a horrible thing and I feel it’ll be hard for people to stop” (Roberto) This is saying that he doesn’t think that people will stop because some people aren’t able to change. He thinks that because he was scared for his life since his sister almost got kidnapped. So many people say that there isn’t and will never be a way that people will stop kidnapping because people can never change their actions and it is impossible for people who kidnap to stop kidnapping, but other people may say if parents keep their children or child close to them then kidnapping won’t be a problem. In conclusion boys and girls both get kidnapped and their is a possible way that children can stop being kidnapped and taken away from their homes and family.

Annotated Bibliography

Bercerra, Xavier. “REPORTS OF MISSING CHILDREN IN CALIFORNIA.” REPORTS OF MISSING CHILDREN IN CALIFORNIA, California Department of Justice, 2018, oag.ca.gov/sites/all/files/agweb/pdfs/missing/children/ch-ann-reports-2018.pdf.

This article shows dates of how many children have been kidnapped and if it was more boys or girls who had been kidnapped.This article is credible because it has .gov which means it’s made from the government and it is also credible because is current because it shows dates that go all the way to 2018.

Uzochukwu, Okwagbala. “Kidnapping: Overview, Causes, Effects, and Solutions.” Owlcation, 1 Nov. 2019, owlcation.com/social-sciences/Kidnapping-Overview-Causes-Effects-and-Solutions.This article shows why people decide to kidnap and how is is a global problem. It also shows examples of the causes and effects. This passes the credible test because it is recent. If you go to the article then you can see under the author’s name clearly states that it was updated a month ago on november 1st. This means that most of their research is relevant to our present.



  1. Vy Le 4 months ago

    Dear Amilia,

    I am astounded by your post, “Taken Away,” because of the number of people get kidnapped in Oakland. It is indeed a huge amount of people who get kidnapped compared to the population in Oakland at large. I am aware of the issue but have never been informed explicitly about the magnitude of it. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “The high unemployment rate in many countries has forced citizens to find other ways to make money—and some of those ways are illegal. Kidnapping a rich person can be a lucrative business.” I think the author also has their points and the points do make sense in certain ways when we read it. However, in my opinion, I do not think it can be an excuse for people to kidnap others so that they can benefit themselves but then do harm to others. Not alone does the kidnapping can be beneficial or harmful to individuals, it also can evaluate the morality and dignity of a person. Another fact that you mentioned I found agreeable with was how many people think only girls get kidnapped but not the boys. I think that besides kidnapping and getting the ransom money, female victims could be occupied for sexual purposes because we are familiarized with the idea that the majority of kidnappers are males. Furthermore, I agree with how you said in order to reduce the incidence of kidnapping, parents should provide their children with defense tools so they can protect themselves. If common defense tools used by others such as pepper spray or taser devices are not allowed for individuals to carry to school or may have allergic reactions to, they can use something that is sharp such as a pen, pencil, or key to protect themselves.

    Thanks for your writing, Amilia. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I want to keep updated with the issue, want to know the government’s actions upon the issue, and whether the issue has already gotten lessening its severity in Oakland.

  2. Ruta 7 months ago

    Kidnapping and missing children are very serious problems. I would like to explore more of your points on why children go missing, and which ones are actually kidnapped. I looked at the numbers on the link and it seems like a large number of kids that are missing are runaways who left “left home without the knowledge or permission of parents or guardian.” The number of actual kids that the chart says are abducted (or kidnapped) fall under kidnapping by a stranger or the parent/family. The chart shows that some kids disappear, but no one really knows why they have. It is so sad that so many kids go missing every year! Your article makes people think about these serious issues.

  3. Nikki 8 months ago

    Hi Amilia! I appreciate your point that more boys are kidnapped than people think, although I agree that it is an upsetting problem. I think you could strengthen this blog post by including direct evidence to prove that people think not many boys are kidnapped. Which of your proposed solutions to stop kidnapping you think would work the best?

  4. Gisselle 9 months ago

    I agree with some of your statements but i think there were a lot of grammatically incorrect sentences. Also, your paragraph was really redundant, you often said your same point for most of your essay. Though I do think that a lot people how kidnap do, do it for the money but its not only that. There’s a lot of mentally ill people who kidnap people, or other reasons you could’ve elaborated on.

    • Gisselle 9 months ago

      Also you should’ve fact checked your statistics, you began talking about Oakland’s kidnapping but then brought up kidnappings generalizing the whole country.

  5. Kaitlyn 9 months ago


    This is so scary! I am shocked that there are so many people being kidnapped. Since I am from Utah, I am not aware of the amount of people being kidnapped in Oakland, and how this number is going up for both boys and girls. Since most people assume that girls are always the ones being kidnapped, it is very important for people to know that almost as many boys are being kidnapped as well. Although I agree with most of the things discussed in this, I feel like there are more reasons as to why people kidnap. Yes, a lot of kidnappers do so for money, but I don’t think this is the only reason. I found this article (https://www.nytimes.com/2002/08/27/science/who-would-abduct-a-child-previous-cases-offer-clues.html) which dives into the reasons why kidnapping happens.

    Thank you for bringing this to people’s attention!

  6. Tiffany 9 months ago

    I enjoyed your article, and was shocked by the number of people getting kidnapped. i was also shocked by the amount of males being kidnapped. Most people assume that females get kidnapped more.
    I liked how you added articles that talk more about this topic. I also liked how you expanded on each quote you added into your article.

    • Author
      Amilia 8 months ago

      Thank you for reading my blog. A part of your comment that stood out to me was when you said you were shocked about the numbers. It really stood out to me because when I saw for the first time I was also shocked about the numbers people getting kidnapped. I agree with you when you said people assume that females get kidnapped more. A lot of people do assume that and my blog shows that not alone females get kidnapped but boys do as well and that is so interesting and surprising because the amount of boys getting kidnapped is really close to the amount of girls getting kidnapped. Thank you for commenting and reading my blog I hope to hear from you again.

  7. Yadira 9 months ago

    Dear Amilia, I liked you article a lot and I didnt know that many people got kidnapped. As a person who partailly watches the news in the afternoon I am not informed this many kidnaps, but What are the reasons of the kidnappings? Which age group is it? Which area is it most likely happening in? I think that this topic should be seen more on the news so people can be informed and prepare their children. Thank you for writing this topic.

    • Author
      Amilia 8 months ago

      Thank you so much for reading my blog. The part of your comment that stood out to me was where you stated that this topic should be on the news. A question I have for you is would you ever start researching about kidnapping and why? Look forward to hearing back!

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