I went to an Oakland Roots game. And the fans were wearing the Oakland Roots jerseys and there were fans playing the loud drums and people screaming “Lets go Oakland lets go.” When I heard those words I went along with it and started saying them as well. It made me proud as a kid living in Oakland.  Later, there was a block party celebrating Oakland Roots first soccer game and a lot of Oakland artist came to sing. Oakland is excited and proud for having this team represent Oakland. Oakland Roots was first an idea in 2016, and was form in 2018 but played their first game in 2019 of November 2 (Oaklandrootssc.com). Based on the research, the Oakland Roots is positive for Oakland because it is positive for the community base, benefits the kids and promotes soccer.

First, we will look more in depth in the importance Oakland Roots has brought in our community and how it has partner with other organizations to bring back the old Oakland culture. Over the years the Oakland culture was slowly fading away but Oakland Roots has been helping bring that culture back into the community. For example they ask Oakland rappers to come to there game and sing for the Oakland fans and they love to bring communities together  In the article Oakland Roots they stated, “Oakland Roots have partnered with 20+ youth soccer clubs and organizations from across the East Bay. These partnerships will provide collaborative opportunities to help grow the beautiful game and make professional soccer games more accessible for local youth” (Oakland Roots). This quote demonstrates community based because they keep partnering with many organizations that will just keep increasing the opportunity these youth will get. It helps bring the community together and it gives these youth chances to experience their first games. 

Not only is this just a sport, but this can help out a lot of youth from their past and make them have a reason to stay motivated and passionate. In the article International Futbol X- Change

“Studies have shown that players of competitive sports such as soccer tend to have higher grades overall and lower rates of depression and to participate less in risky behaviors such as taking drugs or drinking alcohol. Players tend to see their challenging work and perseverance pay dividends on the field with their sports performance, and they learn to apply those lessons to the other areas of their life as well” ( International Futbol X-Change). This illustrates that the youth tend to do positive in school because of soccer. That also means that they would be eligible to play for their schools. In an interview with a teacher from Life Academy named Andrew Pablo about the Oakland Roots SC he said that the Oakland Roots SC has impacted youth into motivating them to play soccer and makes kids wanna do vast in life and not do dangerous  things that can effect them he also said that financially they are doing a really titanic job buy selling a lot of merchandise


To sum up, the Oakland community is happy and proud to have a soccer team to rep the city and the heart of the Bay Area they built communities by partnering with over 20+ youth soccer clubs and that helps out the youth become more positive with playing soccer and making soccer a beautiful sport. 

Annotated Bibliography

“Oakland Roots SC.” Oakland Roots SC, OAKLAND ROOTS SPORTS CLUB, 2019, oaklandrootssc.com/.

This is the home page of the Oakland Roots SC. And can find history, news and get a lot of information from this page and buy Oakland Roots jerseys. This site is credible because it comes straight from their organisation. There are community base club where they look to bring people in together from the Bay Area and make soccer a game for everyone no matter if they are athletic or not. I predict that in the future everyone will be inspired by everything Oakland Roots did for our city and what they are bringing back to our beautiful city. I recommend everyone to try soccer and see how much of a fun beautiful sport this is. 

Pablo, Andrew. “Oakland Roots SC Interview.” 2 Dec. 2019.)


CC BY-SA 4.0 Oakland Roots SC by Efan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Sugeiry 2 weeks ago

    Dear Efan,

    I think that your post was interesting because other posts talk about the negative side of Oakland but you wrote about a positive thing in Oakland. A line that stood out to me was, “Studies have shown that players of competitive sports such as soccer tend to have higher grades overall and lower rates of depression and to participate less in risky behaviors such as taking drugs or drinking alcohol.” because there are more and more youth using drugs and this is a great way of distracting them.

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