1. Rocio Arjon 5 months ago

    Dear Durran,

    I find it interesting that you mentioned that the rate to become a victim of violence in Oakland is 1 in 13. I enjoyed reading your opinion on police brutality in Oakland. In your opinion, what is one way we can prevent police brutality? Is it through the implementation of prevention programs or education for either the citizen or police or even both? You mentioned that “police brutality for people who live in Oakland is normal.” How does this make you feel? Is there any way you can help lower the rates or change this statement? I can relate to the post, as I have many friends at SJSU who are from Oakland and feel the same way. I enjoyed reading your perspective on police brutality in Oakland and look forward to hearing your views on possible preventions.

    Rocio Arjon

  2. Darnell De Luna 6 months ago

    Dear Durran,

    I am a student at SJSU and your post has brought me to become more aware of what is happening in Oakland. Being from California growing up I have always heard Oakland was a bad area, but I always wondered why. It always had a bad reputation, but from reading your post I now understand why. Not only is the violence high but the amount of police brutality people face in the city is astonishing to me. Something that really caught my attention was when you stated, “Oakland has residents that have gotten use to police brutality that happens occasionally in Oakland.” To me, that is surprising because that should not be something we should be used to as people with rights. Your article was well written and has informed me. I appreciate your willingness to share such events.

  3. E. Green Burgette 7 months ago

    Durran – thank you for bringing an important issue to light. I appreciate how you’ve highlighted how long this has been an issue; a lot of people are ignorant that this was happening for decades long before the media started covering it. I think your argument would be stronger if you had a greater range of subtopics covered – your three body paragraphs cover pretty similar territory. Maybe addressing potential solutions or ways to reduce police violence? That would have brought your whole article more full-circle. I think it was a great idea to talk to residents to show the human side of this issue.

  4. Stephanie Turner 8 months ago

    Durran, as an African-American graduate student that grew up in San Bernardino, CA (another city in CA that’s hit hard by violence, as well as significantly high poverty rates), I was very interested in your analysis of violence and police brutality in your community. I liked your perspective on presenting several reasons why the issue is controversial in your community of Oakland. Nicely articulated and written!

  5. Nikki 8 months ago

    Hi Durran! I think that you did a wonderful job including a lot of citations to support your argument. I think you could make it even better by giving it a proof-read to make sure all of your sentences are easy to understand. I am wondering, with all of this information you have provided, do you have a call to action? What do you think should or could be done to stop police brutality?

  6. Yaritza 8 months ago

    Dear Durran, I think your post was interesting to others and me because it included the police brutality going on in Oakland. This one of the most important actions going on in Oakland because it has been occurring a lot and people has been trying to find ways to stop this. A line that stood out to me was ” Oakland has a long history of police brutality in their communities. And even in the early years of police brutality it was still awful and could have gotten better” because even if it’s not an OK action police in our community do, it’s still going on. Thank you for writing and keep it up…

    • Author
      Durran 8 months ago

      Thankyou so much for reading my blog. A question i have for you based on your comment is, Why did my liine happen to stand out to you and is there anything that i can do to make my writing as an author better for any of my readers so i can seem more intresting.

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