Did you know that KP Launch also offers a plethora of non-medical internships? KP launch is a paid internship that benefits and supports students from underrepresented communities to help them advocate for their future.

      (https://kplaunch.kaiserpermanente.org/). KP stands for Kaiser Permanente, this hospital was founded in 1945 , it was established in Oakland CA , 

  and the founders are  (Henry J kaiser and Sidney Kaiser).  Additionally, the internship KP LAUNCH was founded in 2008 in the Northwest design to help students in Oregon but then since it had a huge impact in that community it became a very competitive program. As a result at the time  only 1 senior from (139) high schools could qualify for the program. This program offers internships from Legal careers , Insurance and Claim careers to Human Resources careers and so much more (https://kplaunch.kaiserpermanente.org/).     

  Based on the research, KP Launch is a beneficial  opportunity as an internship because

   It has a lot of positive benefits that impact student’s future and the people around them such  as the ability to explore a career path, gain confidence, and gain valuable work experience. 

The first positive benefit about KP launch is it provides students an ability to explore a career path. In this internship students are going to be able to explore many different jobs not only in the health field but also outside of the health field. For example, some of the careers this internship offers are Administration, Finance and Actuarial careers, Communication Careers, Customer service careers, Education and Training careers, Health Care and Hospital Operations Center and so much more. Additionally, “Interns work with inspiring health care professionals and leaders that give them the support they need to explore the many non-medical careers that are available in health care. As part of our team, interns help us shape the future while gaining practical experience and building a professional network” (https://kplaunch.kaiserpermanente.org/#highschool).

This shows that  KP launch is a great opportunity for those students who feel skeptical about their ideas of the career they want to study. According to students who participated in  the internship said they entered the internship with a skeptical idea and they came out with a really strong positive idea about wanting to study for their future. For example,  in the KP LAUNCH video the page was explaining the program and the benefits interns talked about their experience and the skills they learned. One of the interns is Reetah Boyce she said,  “I had a really good experience at the program , the professionals where their for me when I needed them and that made me want to give back to my community” (https://kplaunch.kaiserpermanente.org/#highschool). Many students could relate to this because they might have good experiences on the things they like and they want to give the same experience to next generations. 

Additionally another important benefits that internships offer is that they are during the summer. Many students who participate in these internships get the opportunity to gain experience not only in careers but also in college preparation. If most students participate in these opportunities when they go to college it will be a lot easier for them. That will benefit those students because they are going to be taking college classes doing the work  and living the experience as a college student for the summer. (https://www.princetonreview.com/college-advice/summer-activities-for-college-applica)

In conclusion, internships are very beneficial for students to have a successful future because students are going to procure skills and experiences that will help them in the career they want to study. That makes those interns competitive because in internships students take college classes and have hands on experiences and that prepares them for a real job.  Since these students are learning in advance and they are going to have more skills than the other employees. That could make their job experience even better because they are more likely to be promoted in their job. To conclude KP LAUNCH is an excellent opportunity for every student because even if they are unsure of what they want to study, KP LAUNCH will support them and will get them out of their comfort zone so they can perform a high quality work.

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CC BY-SA 4.0 KP Launch and the positive benefits of internships by Maribel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  1. Robert 2 weeks ago

    Dear Maribel P i think your post was amazing because i got to learn that kp helps students with their medical pathways. A line that stood out to me was “Many students who participate in these internships get the opportunity to gain experience not only in careers but also in college preparation” because medical pathways get to help students get to college prep. I agree with your point about how they help people save lives because they help others.thanks for writing and keep up the great work
    roberto l

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