On my streets they Murder people, run people over, Now we call it the ̈Ḿurder Dubbs” It is also called the Twomps. The area where I live is “The subsection of San Antonio found between 20th and 29th Avenues” (VAN HUYGEN). By analyzing the research, it is clear the Dubbs are the best streets in Oakland because it has history and famous residents, but it is dangerous.

The best streets in Oakland is the Murder Dubbs because the reseacrh said that it has history. For example, it used to be called The Twamps. In this article, How 10 Oakland Neighborhoods Got Their Names it shows where the streets got their nickname. It comments “once known as “The Rolling ’20s” or “The Roaring ’20s,” but locals today frequently call it “The Twomps.” The nickname arose sometime in the 1980s; Twomp is a slang word for “20” (VAN HUYGEN). This is an interesting history because  it starts of as Rolling 20s and changes to The Twomps.  Also people till this day spray paint “Rolling 20s”. Also more recently the streets are known as Murder Dubbs because theres a lot of Oakland Murder in those sreets (Johnson).

The Dubbs have famous residents. For example, there’s this rapper called “ALLBLACK.” In an article titled, “ALLBLACK is carrying on Oakland’s complicated rap legacy” by  RUTH GEBREYESUS it talks about his life and how he became a rapper and where he was born..  Also, ALLBLACK discuss where he live which is the 20s near taco Sinaloa. Growing up in the 20s it was dangerous but he tried music and it worked led him to a productive path (GEBREYESUS). In addition, ALLBLACK was inspired by growing up in the Dubbs. In the article “ALLBLACK Is Becoming the Bay’s Best Rapper”  Publised on Hypebeast, it reports “Raised in East Oakland’s notorious “Murder Dubs” neighborhood, ALLBLACK experienced an upbringing that was culturally diverse, tightly structured and soundtracked by today’s hip-hop heroes” (Montes). It shows that the Dubbs create exceptional talent because it is diverse.  

However, living in the Dubbs can be dangerous; making it not the best neighborhood. In this article, “Cleaning Up Oakland’s 23rd Avenue” by SfGates writer (Chip Johnson), he explains the closing of multiple liquor stores because of murder and drug dealing. It shows that the Dubbs were dangerous because of murder and drugs and Oakland is closing stores down. Even though to some people it is dangerous the Dubbs are still the best because it has history and culture. According to Juan Gil, who has lived in the Dubbs for 15 years he states “ Because is unique and people are confident to do what they want”(Gil). 

In conclusion,  the Dubbs are the best streets in Oakland because it has history and famous residents, but it is dangerous. I like the Dubbs because I was born in the Dubbs. I have seen the pluses and negative . My favorite place is Taco Sinaloa.  I want people to know that GLORYBOY, is running for president of the Dubbs because I like it.

Annotated Bibliography 

Montes, Patrick. “ALLBLACK Is Becoming the Bay Area’s Best Rapper.” HYPEBEAST, HYPEBEAST, 24 July 2019, hypebeast.com/2018/6/allblack-interview-2018-trap-black-video. 

This article is credible because it gives evidence from the rapper im talking about and where he lives. 

Johnson, Chip. “Cleaning up Oakland’s 23rd Avenue.” SFGate, San Francisco Chronicle, 12 Jan. 2012, www.sfgate.com/bayarea/johnson/article/Cleaning-up-Oakland-s-23rd-Avenue-2494294.php.

This article is credible because it talks about the positive  parts about the Dubbs and the negative parts about the Dubbs. 

Gebreyesus, Ruth. “ALLBLACK Is Carrying on Oakland’s Complicated Rap Legacy.” The FADER, The FADER, 21 Apr. 2018, www.thefader.com/2018/04/20/allblack-outcalls-interview.

This article is credible because it shows the interview that the rapper ALLBLACK did and evidence from my topic.

“How 10 Oakland Neighborhoods Got Their Names.” Mental Floss, 11 Apr. 2018, www.mentalfloss.com/article/538760/how-oakland-neighborhoods-got-their-names.

This article is credible because it gives most of the nicknames and how they got them and it shows how the Murder Dubbs got the name.

GIl, Juan. “Dubbs Interview .” 16 Dec. 2019.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Dubbs by Wilbert is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

  1. Jose 3 days ago

    Dear Wilbert, I think your post was amazing because you explained why the murder dubs are the best streets in oakland because of there history. A line that stood out to me “How 10 Oakland Neighborhoods Got Their Names it shows where the streets got their nickname. It comments “once known as “The Rolling ’20s” or “The Roaring ’20s,” but locals today frequently call it “The Twomps.” That line stood out to me because I only knew them as dubs but know I know that they can also be called “ The Rolling 20’s or The Roaring 20’s.Thanks for writing and keep it up with the good work express yourself as a dubs kid.

  2. Elizabeth 2 weeks ago

    Dear Wilbert,
    Your post is very informative. People like me, who live across the city from the “The Twomps.”, probably didn’t know about “the closing of multiple liquor stores because of murder and drug dealing.” Of course, this is an awful problem that I wish would be fixed, but I want to know the reason why you think this is a problem that happens more in the 20s than any other place in Oakland. Also, you explain that there are “famous residents” in the 20s. Why do you think that people from these streets rise up through music? The dictionary describes The Roaring 20s as “a time when many people defied Prohibition, indulged in new styles of dancing and dressing, and rejected many traditional moral standards.” Do you believe that the cultural history beneath theses streets is was causes many rappers to ascend? Thank you for writing this, it was very interesting to learn more about this part of Oakland.

  3. Neyzer 4 weeks ago

    Dear Wilbert, I think this is a interesting topic that you picked. I can see that the Murder Dubs are very dangerous to people that arrive their.I can also see that people have closed down a lot of businesses because of drug dealing and people getting killed. I think the murder dubs should should lay down on killing people. I’m surprised that taco sinaloa isn’t closed because of all that dangerous stuff happening in the murder dubs. I feel like your blog is very good the things you typed connect to your topic and are very strong piece of evidence. Thank you for letting the public know how important the Murder Dubs are to you.

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