1. Wendy Rice 1 month ago

    Sugeiry, you present important information on a very serious problem in your community – and in our entire country. My son lives in Oakland (I live in the Chicago area), and when I visit him I’ve witnessed the homelessness you describe. There are many reasons for this opioid crisis, and you present some key points, beginning with families – “An adolescent feeling like they are cared for is a very important feeling.” So true! As an 8th grade teacher, I believe our students need to know that adults care about their lives.
    You write, “no one is doing anything to solve this problem.” While your frustration is understandable, I suggest you consider that help and support can be found in sources other than the police; there are organizations in Oakland that are focusing on this issue.
    I appreciate your concern and I encourage you to continue to share your views!

  2. Esmeralda 3 months ago

    Dear Sugeiry,

    I feel grateful that you wrote this as your blog. There was many sentences that stood out to me. One of the sentences were  “These situations end up with the teen being a victim to situations that they can’t control.” This stood out to me because there are many people who deal with situations like abuse or parents using alcohol or drugs. However they can have the option to do drugs everyone has an option, but that doesn’t me that they are all going to chose to do drugs are drink alcohol. Have you ever thought that people do care about what’s going on in Oakland about drugs but people just ignore them because their voice is to small or people think that what they are saying is wrong.
  3. Yadira 3 months ago

    Dear Sugeiry, You article was one interesting one I didnt think I would come upon. I wasnt aware that Opiods led to a lot of homeless people in Oakland, and I am glad you put that out there. Teens being surrounding by it is not good as well, itll lead them under the freeway like most homeless people becoming like them. You article informed me a lot, Thank you.

    • Author
      Sugeiry 3 months ago

      Thank you for reading my article, it means a lot. Something that stood out to me in your comment was that you were not aware of the opioid problem in Oakland. It stood out to me because I think that it’s pretty obvious that there are drug addicts here. Thanks again for reading 🙂

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