Crime rate in Oakland is 74 per one thousand residents and has one of the highest rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes (Neighborhood Scout).  Violent crime is an assault that criminals do in the middle of the streets. Some of the violent crimes include sexual assault, murder, and robbery. Gun violence is a different way than violent crime instead of physical attack they shoot because they have a weapon they can use. With these two types of crimes that are occuring it has made Oakland unsafe and cause fear for the people. Based on the research, it is clear that Oakland is a dangerous city because of it’s violence crime and gun violence which affects it’s residents.

Firstly, Oakland is dangerous because of it’s violent crime.On the website called AreaVibes about Oakland crimes it states, “In Oakland, CA your chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 77” (AreaVibes).The statistic is showing citizens how likely it is for a person to become a victim of violent crime in Oakland. This goes on in demonstrating us how dangerous Oakland has become and it will just keep increasing if we donCrime In Oakland’t do anything about it.I interview Yuji Okamura, a teacher of life academy and  a local resident of Oakland for the past several years. I asked one question, ‘Is the crime rate in Oakland growing up?’He said, “violent crime is decreasing and property crime is rising.”As local resident in Oakland for several years Okamura is a credible source as he has seen a lot of the changes in Oakland since moving here. He says property crime is rising because a lot of people are stealing because of rents going up and people with more money are moving here. One way to reduce the crime rates and violence in oakland is by creating stricter laws to stop people from committing those acts.

Secondly, Oakland is dangerous because of gun violence. According to the article “The Scanner: Bay Area killings rise this year but remain near historic lows” by Ashley McBride she said “…homicides have increased by about 28% so far this year. Oakland has seen 37 killings, eight more than from the same period last year” (McBride).Oakland is like a rollercoaster it has it’s ups and downs with gun violence but it has increased again. With gun violence increasing and more homicides occurring Oakland is becoming more dangerous and the chances of someone becoming a victim is higher. Jose Reyes Cruz a formal local resident that lived in the USA for a long time he shows that “Oakland has increased from various crimes” (Reyes Cruz). Crime always pops up in the news articles and social media. Because of social media it is a lot easier to find out when crimes happen and how they were done. This means Oakland now hears so much about the different crimes that happen in Oakland. 

Based on the analysis, it is logical that Oakland is a minacious city because of it’s ferocity crime and gun violence which influence its dweller. As a result, Oakland is still one of the most dangerous cities in America for this year.


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  1. Wilbert 2 weeks ago

    Dear Ronny,
    I agree with your post because they should stop this at some point. Also, I agree with his “Gun violence is a different way than violent crime instead of physical attack they shoot because they have a weapon they can use” because they need a gun to kill someone and that’s how most people die and these type of situations. hank yo for writing it, you did a good job.

  2. Elizabeth 3 weeks ago

    Dear Ronny,
    I think that it is very important to assert this problem. I agree that crime in Oakland is a huge problem and when you said “property crime is rising because a lot of people are stealing because of rents going up” it reminded me about my own post. My post is about Proposition 13, which is a law that precludes the government from raising taxes by more than 2% each year. I was wondering about your perspective on this law. You say that higher prices for rent is what is causing the property crime rate to go up, so do you think that Prop. 13 is an important contributor to crime rate going down? Also, on the AreaVibes website (, it explains that “The amount of violent crime in Oakland, CA has decreased by 11%” per 100,000 people. What do you think about this data? Do you believe that it is false? Or do you believe that a decrease of 11% year to year is not enough to show real results? This post helped me think more about the certain flaws in our city that affect the citizens both physically and mentally. Thank you for writing it, you did a great job.

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