According to Church Angels’ directory, there are over 313 Churches in Oakland ( source is credible because Churches are building used for public Christian worship. can help people feel more safe or more positive. Based on article research about Churches, they can have a positive effect on the community because many are central to communities and work for justice and peace. 
Secondly, Churches have a positive effect on many communities because they are the center of community life. Church members serve food and find other ways of giving back. Churchgoers contribute money, which is used for community service. For example, the Cathedral Of The Light has many has events ( For example on Saturday December 7 it was the day of the Virgin Mary and participants had to walk to San Luis Beltran to Cathedral of the Light ( These events are Jubilant for the community because since it helps bring people come together by singing, praying, and talking. Another way Churches bring people together by accepting all types of people. To illustrate, Skyline United Church of Christ discusses how everyone is welcome inside the church and how they are not going to be judged. It explains how it is a 

“diverse, inclusive, multi-racial, open and affirming community” ( This shows community because they talk about how they accept many different people. This argues that Churches are great for many communities because since they do a lot of events for people to go outside and to meet each other.

Thirdly, Churches positive because they work for justice and peace. In an interview with a Oakland parent she said, “Churches are a good thing for the community because since they help people bring joy and respect for the lord.” and also my buddy durant said “I think churches do bring positive and peace but not justice”. This talks about how Churches bring a lot of  attention and peace.

 On the contrary, Religion can be dismal because some religions can say horrid about LGBTQ. In catholic Churches they accept LGBTQ and other religions accept them but since some religions hate LGBTQ. In the article ( Roman catholic Churches do accept LGBTQ but only if they accept the Lord and have goodwill(pope francis).

To end all Oakland Churches can be helpful because since the churches help many people congregate and feel more Empathic about themselves and others. Churches can help people feel less depressed and feel more empathy.

Annotated Bibliography

“Cathedral of Christ the Light, Oakland Diocese.” Cathedral of Christ the Light, Oakland Diocese,

This source is credible because it talks about the first roman church in Oakland and the history about the old roman church. This passes the craap test because it shows the oldest and first roman church in Oakland. 

“Greater Saint Paul Baptist Church, Oakland, CA.” Church Angel, Church Angel, 30 Dec. 2014,

This source is about the church called saint paul and this passes the craap test because since the church is the biggest and was set by england people since 1608.

“Welcome to Church Angel Christian Church Directory and Christian Counseling Listings.” Image, 30 Dec. 2014,

This source is about areas where there are churches all over Oakland. This passes the craap test because since this source talks about history about how there is about 313 churches all over Oakland and help people find the best churches.



  1. Ceillea Acuna 5 months ago

    Dear Roberto,
    Thank you for enlightening me with information regarding the churches in Oakland, California. I admire how you brought emphasis on how churches build more interests by local communities to feel comfortable and welcome in diversity, inclusiveness, and overall open a relationship towards one’s spiritual beliefs. I find it heartwarming to know “how church [assists] many people [to] congregate and feel more Emphatic about themselves and others”. As you mentioned in your post, I understand how some churches may be more accepting than others, especially when it comes to one’s sexuality. I do also agree that some Roman Catholic churches are more traditional and have the desires to spread more historical traditions in praising Catholicism while some Christians are found to be more accepting and empathetic toward the LGBTQ communities. As you also mentioned, churches positively engage throughout their communities by giving back to the less fortunate families and children, and I find that many resources to do more good than harm connects to the inclusiveness that Churches share the light on others to engage in such heroic deeds. I also found that many community churches find resources to turn people’s lives around, especially those who may have came from a bad past or have gone through difficulties in their life such as drug use, abuse, divorce, conviction, etc. and churches are an outlet to those who seek for acceptance in which church do have a positive influence in those groups. I found that ministries in west Oakland have recently been organizing ways to assist communities to feed children who are at home from this pandemic, parents who have lost their jobs trying to provide for their family, and caregivers who need more supplies at home ( Oakland churches have also positively impacted men in prison by guiding fellowship and assisting other urban communities by building more local churches to share the light of God. Additionally, Oakland churches have been offering more affordable child care and community breakfast for those who need assistance in food or child care during this pandemic ( Although some churches in the Oakland area may not be as accepting of LGBTQ communities, I know that it is difficult to change the minds of others unless we share positive growth in such communities. LGBTQ communities not only have different desires, but their are still human with the same organs we all share and know, in which churches should understand to accept as our generation continues to evolve. In my childhood, I too would come across catholic churches who were less accepting of LGBTQ individuals which was brought to my attention to feel that some churches may not be as accepting as others. However, after experiencing and extending my faith in Christianity, I found that Christian churches were more accepting, brought exclusivity to a halt, and promoted diversity. My question to this post is, what would be the difference between catholic churches and christian churches in Oakland communities? What if there was a mild difference in positive and negative factors to such religions that distinguishes a difference among these religions around different communities?
    I hope that this gives you more ideas to gather more research!

  2. Rocio Arjon 6 months ago

    Dear Robert,

    I find it interesting that you mentioned the importance churches have on the community. I enjoyed reading about how churches help people such as by giving food or resources to help the community. How would you say that LGBTQ communities feel about churches and how can we make them feel more accepted rather than judged? This ensures that churches are being inclusive and helping everyone in the community. You mentioned that “Churches are positive because they work for justice and peace.” I agree with this but wondering if they are always positive being that they do judge specific groups like the LGBTQ community. I can relate to the post, as I am catholic and would go to church often as a child and obtain many of their benefits. I enjoyed reading your perspective on churches.

    Rocio Arjon

  3. Shannon Higgins 8 months ago


    I like that you wanted to integrate research into your post to add credibility to your statements. Something that may have strengthened your opening and made the purpose of this blog more obvious to the reader is if you started off the first sentence with your opinion or argument. That way the points that follow are all building off of a central theme or belief that you want to get across to the reader. Then I suggest you list your three main arguments to support this statement and build the paragraphs in the same order as you list in your introduction. This will give the reader a guide as to what is coming and will help develop your organizational skills as you continue writing in the future. Make sure to search for grammatical errors such as capitalization and proper indenting as well give your blog those beautiful finishing touches. I hope you continue to write in the future. Your opinion is valuable and was a please to read.


  4. Armando 9 months ago

    Dear Roberto, first of all it is really cool that you have actually put your work into this blog and i want to agree on the fact that catholic churches accept all people no matter what and that brings joy to those who actually feel negative and to pray to god for a better future. Also that those who are feeling down and damaged by others, they may need someone to talk to about it and to recuperate from it.

    • Armando 9 months ago

      FYI keep up the excellent work and do well on the next essays and certifications that we will receive.

  5. Xavier 9 months ago

    Dear Roberto,

    I feel intrigued about your post “Churches in Oakland” One sentence that stood out to me was, “To illustrate, Skyline United Church of Christ discusses how everyone is welcome inside the church and how they are not going to be judged.” This stood out because you are really putting churches in a good light and that really helps your argument. However one thing I disagree with is the idea that churches are inclusive to all, I acknowledge that you realized most catholic churches do no accept LGBTQ people, but I still think that this detail really puts a dent in your argument and is hard to cover up or still have your argument be strong. Have you thought about better explaining why some people would not be welcomed in churches.

  6. Amilia 9 months ago

    Dear Roberto,

    I feel like you’re wrong about your post. One sentence that stood out to me was “Churches can help people feel less depressed and feel more empathy.” This stood out to me because it is true that it helps with depressed people and give them reasons why it’s okay to be that way sometimes. However, one thing I disagree with was that how you said churches bring communities together. I disagree with this because many people decide to not go to church because they have no time or other reasons. Have you ever thought about if people don’t go to church? How would church bring people together if some people decide not to go to church?

  7. Jennifer 9 months ago


    I agree that churches help bring together the community and help people realize the diversity in the different churches. Also that you don’t have to be a certain race to believe in a certain religion. One sentence you wrote that stood out for me was: “These events are Jubilant for the community because since it helps bring people come together by singing, praying, and talking.” You also mentioned acceptance and how the church accepting the differences of different people in their religion creates a strong bond towards the church and the people. Another sentence that stood out for me was: “Churches can help people feel less depressed and feel more empathy.” Churches help the people feel better and uplift themselves and making them feel like a better person. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next!

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