Are We Under Appreciating Food Truck Workers?

Do you like food trucks? Well then you probably don’t like them enough if they can close down any minute. Food truck workers are so underpaid that they have to sleep in their own trucks just to keep up with their schedule, but coming from these hard workers is food that is cheap, delicious and just as excellent as a restaurant or possibly better. Food trucks sell food that is just as amazing as any other high costing restaurant but these hard workers are so underpaid that they work extra days to even make a living off the food truck business. Based on research, Oakland residents should eat more at food trucks because the food is just as delicious as any other food place and full of hardworking people.

The quality of the food that they sell at food trucks is just as equal as any other expensive restaurant food. Food that’s sold at food trucks are made with high quality ingredients but are sold cheap. There’s a big difference between restaurant food and food truck food is that food trucks sell the food for affordable prices and sizable portions while restaurants on the other hand sell the food at high costs and in some random portions at times, but what they do have in common is that they both sell amazing food with some divine quality. According to the article “12 Impressive Facts On The Food Truck Industry” it explains that, “Over 90 percent of diners rated food truck quality as excellent or good and over 80 percent of them used words like fun, exciting, new, different and unique when asked why they dined there” (Milbrath). As shown, the public really enjoys the quality of food that’s sold at food trucks. Based on the interview from Erick Gutierrez, an Oakland resident “I know it’s fatter but it’s faster, cheaper and better than restaurant food”

Additionally, beyond the food being good, the people who work there are diligent and work hard. Based on the article “How Do Taco Trucks Manage To Be So Cheap And Still Function” It states that “The average food truck manager makes $13.76 per hour, according to” (Lecklitner). They work hard by working a lot of hours but not getting paid a good salary. These food truck workers are getting underpaid but are still working in the food truck industry but they can shut down at any minute from lack of income.

In conclusion these food truck workers make some fantastic food but they are under appreciated, so in the end, do you really appreciate food trucks as much as you thought you did?  

Annotated Bibliography

Lecklitner, Ian. “How Do Taco Trucks Manage to Be So Cheap and Still Function?” MEL Magazine, MEL Magazine , 6 June 2019,

This article discusses how taco truck owners can manage a taco truck while selling there food for real cheap.This article passes the CRAAP test because it was published in February of 2019.MEL Magazine is reliable because they research and interview people about the topic and or ask people that work in what they are researching. The writer of this article has written multiple times before for this article.


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  1. Kristen 2 weeks ago

    Hi Christian! To start out, this topic really struck my eye. Mainly because I haven’t thought much about issues surrounding food truck workers – which by the way, I love food trucks! I really appreciated how you cited an article in paragraph two. This certainly gives credibility to your argument. Additionally, you did a great job of laying out why the topic should matter to us, namely, because the food from food trucks is delicious. Your post brought some questions to my mind. I wonder if money is the only form of appreciating food truck workers? Perhaps people are appreciating them in other ways, say, through praise. What do you think? I’d love to hear back from you!

  2. Ivan 1 month ago

    Dear Christian, I like your article and its an amazing piece but, I disagree that food truck food is high quality food your article states that “Over 90 percent of diners rated food truck quality as excellent or good and over 80 percent of them used words like fun, exciting, new, different and unique when asked why they dined there” (Milbrath). But if you look up the percentage of how many people don’t enjoy food truck food is 60% according to (a counter argument would have been good to show both sides of the story).

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