The article that I read on solutions U was discussing the problem of domestic violence in south africa. According to the South African Medical Research Council in 2017, 40 percent of South African men assault their partners daily. Five times higher than the global average. They also concluded that the number spiked tremendously after soccer games. Alcohol played a huge role in this, it was the biggest excuse men used for hitting their wifes/girlfriends. Carling black label beer was the most popular and best-selling beer in south africa. It wanted to use its status as a masculine brand to promote a “No Excuse” message to the largest audience of men possible. To do that, Carling attached its sponsorship of the biggest soccer event of the season. So they recruited a group of women in an accompished choir who have all been a victim of abuse. On game day, the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg was filled with 85,000 people – mostly men. Millions more watched on television. This group of woman came to sing the famous south african football song “Asambe nono.” The entire stadium sang along to the beloved song, but halfway through the choir changed the lyrics. The new words, flashed on the big screen for all to see, said:”Never again. What excuse will he give if this ends in a fight.”The song ended with the words “Real men don’t act this way.” The jumbo screen said: “No Excuse for Abuse.”The song ended with the words “Real men don’t act this way.” The jumbo screen said: “No Excuse for Abuse.” Carling took over the country’s most famous soccer anthem to spread awareness and promote “no, excuse” a message that would be recieved to an audience of 45 million.


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