Many people would argue that the cost of attending a college or university is outrageously high. Some would debate this claim. In an article an organization explains how one Maine school has significantly cut the cost of tuition for students who attend Thomas College in Waterville, Maine. They due through the dual credit college program that allows students to receive early credits in high school that will be transferred to the college. It also offers summer courses and extra credit courses that will shave off a year. Instead of students earning a bachelor’s in the traditional four years of classes, they can do achieve the same goal in three years. That estimates to $30,000.

Another beneficial outcome is lower student debt. The program serves as a reform to the education system. Cost is the number one reason students do not attend college which is why this program is so great. Education cost is a big issue that is currently affecting people everywhere. This program opens up doors to a large population of people. People could argue that it is a waste of time and it too experimental. They could claim not enough students would not be willing to sign up for and attend summer and extra credit courses.

There are many viewpoints that apply to the idea of adopting the program. At the end of the day, I support it and I feel as if more colleges and universities should partake in it.

  1. Jayme 7 months ago

    I agree, the price for higher education nowadays is getting ridiculous. This is a creative solution that I haven’t seen before and could be promising. However, are raw numbers the only thing we should be looking at? I can’t help but wonder what the implications of accelerating the college program would be. Extra programs could also potentially create more inequity and bias if this gets traction from ivy-league schools. Do you think extra programs and shaving off a year in college time would have more positives or negatives if it was implemented on a larger scale?

  2. Bella 7 months ago


    I do support the claim that college tuition has become increasingly high as of late, and that there needs to be a means to take action to resolve this issue. I found the concept of using high school credits to cover college credits very interesting as this would amount to less time in college, and a lower tuition. Student debt is also a huge problem in this country and I hope this method could help lower student debt rates as well. I don’t believe this method is a waste of time because in order to resolve an issue, we must experiment with solutions.

    Here is an interesting article that presents another solution, income share agreements, to help resolve the issue of outrageous tuition rates:

    Looking forward to what you write next,

  3. Dominic 8 months ago

    Ronata I completely agree with lowering college prices. Colleges are way too overpriced and not everyone has the money to even pay for college so lowering the prices would give equal opportunities. Here is an article similar to the topic.

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