College is on almost every high schoolers. Receiving your admission packet is great, but leaves one wondering how they are going to pay for college. College has become very expensive leaving many students in debt.

In the article, it states that receiving higher education is focused on earning that piece of paper with your degree, but that is all school does for a student. It does not actually get you a job, that is necessary to pay off the debts you have from school. Sonya states that the idea of higher education should be shifted and focus on the idea of earning people jobs instead of merely a diploma.

The idea of “remaking the college experience” is presented in order to teach students to earn a job instead of focusing on classes that help earn the degree. The hope is to make sure students debts stay down. For example, the Lambda school helps earn students careers and once they land a successful job of making at least $50,000 or more, the school takes 17% of their salary for 2 years. So if a student does not receive a job, they do not have to pay.

Having schools with this idea is nice because it pushes students into a career without having debt. However, schools such as the Lambda school only provide computer science careers, so it is not widely available to everyone. In addition, most schools that have programs like this are online. Students not only attend college to get an education, but also to have a fun experience and meet new people. Schools that push students to get a job are missing out on giving students the other part of college- a fun experience.

The idea of saving money for school is nice and a huge relief for most families. Having a career fairly quickly instead of going to school for 4 years to earn a degree, can help students to avoid the stress of paying for school. If schools such as the Lambda school could offer more career choices, many more students would consider this program.

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  1. Ella 9 months ago

    Hi Alysa!
    I found your article super interesting! I have never even thought about this, and I didn’t even know that some schools actually did it. I think it is a great idea though. I agree with what you are saying, about how colleges should focus in landing their students jobs. They should. It is a really interesting idea having people pay for their college after they get a job. I like this idea a lot and I know the majority of most families would; College is very expensive these days. However, I do not think it is a realistic one. Many big schools need the money to fund their programs and pay for their teachers. A lot of others might be concerned if the students don’t pay them back all the way. Maybe in the far future this could be a possibility, but right now I do not think it will happen any time soon. I agree, and think it would be helpful and appealing, but there is a reason why only a couple, small, schools use them. It is just not a realistic idea that bigger schools are willing to adopt. I thought this topic was super interesting though, and it was an idea I’ve never heard of. Great job writing and I look forward to read more from you, especially if it is on this topic!


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