Climate change is increasing average temperatures all over the world, and these changes in temperature are having extreme consequences on our current food sources. The change is only by 1-5° Celsius but forces a huge change on the crops. In the past, crops are able to adapt to their changing climates. But the problem here is that it is changing too quickly and the plants are dying or not producing the same amount of food they were in the past.

Potato’s are enormous source of food for the worlds population, but now these potatoes are bearing the brunt of global heating, which is drawing pests further uphill, forcing farmers to sow the crop in the upper reaches of the park on the limit of arable land. 

In this article, Dan Collyns describes just what these potato and potato farmers are having to deal with. This potato farm is located high in the Peruvian Andes, in what is called the Potato Park, 16000 ft above sea level. Scientists and park residents are conducting tests to see how resistant the native varieties are to frost, hail and intense sunlight and also to the Andean potato weevil, whose larvae eat through the tubers underground. And they are leading the charge to find ways to genetically modify potatoes to be resistant against the rapidly changing climate.

The Potato Parks solution to the problem might be the key we have been looking for. By breeding the potatoes with older “grandfather” potatoes. Which have become more resilient over time. The work these scientists are doing to make the potatoes stronger will have a important role in the future of feeding the world. The only problem is it is expensive to genetically modify these crops so we must find a way to do it cheap and simply to be able to feed those will not be able to afford the new potatoes.




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