In Sacramento California, in Laguna Beach high school has an increase in teen vaping. A senior named Makayla Klung has suffered lung problems due to second hand smoking because of the students who do vape. Klung says that she suffers from dizziness and headaches from breathing in the smoke. She states the “Second hand smoking is the silent killer, but not a lot of people realize that it’s hurting them”.

Klung told her story to a city council members, who have now implemented a city-wide smoke free ordinance. On top of that, schools have youth ambassadors explain the correct information about why vaping is bad. They are also explaining why it is harming not just you, but the others around you as well. This type of education allows students to listen more and create a stigma of why you should use tobacco products.

In addition to that in Northern California in Placer County has also created Tobacco Prevention Programs. There program is more focused on helping parents recognize what the latest e-cigarets look like. They also even help educators know what they look like and how to address the issues as well.

The solutions that they are coming up with to solve this problem is to implement staff training, parent workshops, better media campaigns, and intervention programs. To help see better results in high school students to not vape.

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  1. Janet 10 months ago

    My students created a presentation and spoke at our local town council meeting about selling vape pens 4 years ago. The council voted to move the pens from the front counter to behnid the counter where other tobacco products were located. Never doubt the power of your voice. Nice job!

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