An abortion is the killing of an unborn baby.  This occurs when a woman gets pregnant and does not want the kid.  Abortion is a very controvercial topic due to the differing beliefs of culture and religion.  Over 600,000 abortions are performed a year which leads to a lot of debate on whether its the mothers choice to have an abortion. Christians and others believe that humans have inherent dignity which means that they have the right to life.  

Laws have been passed that allow abortion only until a certain amount of time into the pregnancy.  This is a means of compromise but is still frowned upon by those who believe in the inherent dignity.  

I think that abortion should only be allowed on certain terms because sometimes it’s not the womens fault and in those cases there’s not really much you can do if she didn’t intend to have a child in the first place.  I think it’s not something that should be accessible easily and shouldn’t happen as much as it does.

  1. Olivia M Anderson 7 months ago

    Hi James. I thought it was interesting that you talked about the religious side of the argument because that is a large part of the anti-abortion argument. However, preventing access to these services will not decrease the number of how many are performed because it will just happen illegally which puts the mothers life at risk. This article demonstrates that criminalizing abortion will do nothing to reduce the amount of abortions performed .

    • Christina 7 months ago

      HI Liv! In my article, I researched this relationship between reducing abortion rates and restrictions to abortions. I found that contrary to what some may believe, restricting access to abortion does not reduce abortion rates. Instead, I found that what does reduce abortion rates is increased access to contraception, expanded sex education to include more than abstinence-based contraception, and expanded social welfare programs like paid maternity leave. You are absolutely correct to say that restricting access to abortion does not reduce the abortion rate.

  2. Khristina 8 months ago

    hi James, I think that you did a good job talking about religion and political issues. I think that this topic is very talked and debated about. I also think its something that should be accessible if needed.

  3. Anthony 8 months ago

    Hey James, I love to see your interest on this topic. The amount of abortions there are in a year is an astonishing and we should really question our modern day society. We are taking lives even though it may not seem like it and I agree with you in that it should not happen as much as it does.

  4. Casey 8 months ago

    James, I think you did a great job defining an abortion and I agree with your opinion. If I could recommend one thing it would be to be more detailed by giving examples and maybe other people’s opinions as well. Overall, great job!

  5. Maggie 8 months ago

    Hi James,
    I like that you brought up the issue of religion interviewing in political issues. Heres a website that I think might help educate you a bit more on the topic of abortion:
    Have a great day!!

  6. Deng 8 months ago

    James, this was a good topic, I like how you speak about both sides and go into detail. Abortion is a serious matter in America.

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