Hair care is a very personal choice. There is almost no medical reason to wash your hair.

Therefore, deciding how often to wash your hair depends on a person’s hair type, scalp texture, hair oiliness and personal preference.

For some people, washing their hair too often can lead to damaged hair and a dry, itchy scalp. For others, not washing your hair often makes it look greasy and lifeless.

  1. Why shampoo your hair?

Washing your hair is like washing your skin. Water removes most visible dirt and debris, but not odors or oily deposits. Shampoo helps water remove dirt, debris and odors, such as smoke or sweat, effectively.

Shampoo can also be degreased. Hair oil comes from the sebaceous glands, which secrete an oil called sebum that keeps hair moist.

Wet hair doesn’t break or look dry and curly. But too much water can make hair look greasy, soft and dirty. After a few days of not washing your hair, the oil builds up closest to the scalp, making the hair around the face look dirty. Most shampoos are designed to remove excess oil and make hair look cleaner and last longer.

2. How often do you wash your hair

For most people, shampooing is not necessary for good health. Rinse your hair with water a few times a week to remove most visible dirt and debris. How often you wash your hair is a matter of personal preference.

3. Condition of the scalp

The condition of one’s scalp can also affect the condition of one’s hair. People with very dry scalps tend not to produce as much sebum. Reducing the number of shampoos will help keep the scalp healthy, prevent itchiness and shedding, and keep the hair soft and shiny.

People with oily scalps may develop acne on the scalp or at the hairline, so they need to wash their hair more often to keep it clean.

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